Home security cameras have many alternative names: nanny cams, pet cams, or CCTV. Regardless of what you call them, this technological adoption of security cameras is becoming a main trend. These sleek surveillance gadgets for both inside and outside prevent burglary and theft, assist cops in arresting criminals, enable you to keep an eye on kids and the elderly family members, update you with pet status. More importantly, they could even help you save a little bit money on homeowners insurance.

If you are pursuing a home security camera on a budget, here are two affordable options - Wyze Cam v2 and Blink XT. and we compare them in terms of battery life, storage, display, audio, night vision, and detection ability.

Storage - Wyze Cam v2 wins

Wyze Cam v2

Wyze Cam v2 is known for its 14-day free cloud storage. Thanks to its HTTPS secure transfer protocol and end-to-end data encryption, its cloud-connected storage enables users to assure privacy. Plus, Wyze Cam v2 provides SD card storage. So having the capability of both cloud and local storage makes a big influence footage backup. If the cloud storage is out of order, local storage still can help, and vice versa.

Blink XT is such a turn-off when it comes to storage discussion. Its cloud storage only lasts for 2 hours. What's worse, no SD card is allowed in this device.


Battery life - Blink wins

Blink XT offers better battery life. Take Blink XT for example. It has 2 AA batteries which make its battery life longer. This battery lifespan is partly due to its unique processing technology. The company claims that Blink XT can last up to 2 years. In my case, mine has been still running for about 8 months.

Wyze Cam v2 relatively underperforms regarding battery power. It is a wired camera so it needs to use a 12v to 5v micro USB cable to connect a Wyze camera to a 12v battery. It would probably take one or two days running out of battery depending on its usage.


Detection - Wyze Cam v2 wins

Wyze Cam v2 not only detects motion but also uses motion tagging technology to locate an activity source. As soon as it detects sound or motion, it will record a 12-second video.

Blink XT is only capable of detecting motion. Its motion-triggered recordings will be sent to the cloud. Also, it provides activity zone selection that allows you to choose what areas within the camera frame you would like to specifically monitor.


Video display - tie

Blink XT records in 1080p.

Wyze Cam v2 records in 1080p as well.


Night vision - Wyze Cam v2 wins

Wyze Cam v2 uses four infrared LED sensors, which won't cause attention in the dark during recording. Also, its night vision works from up to 30 feet away.

Blink XT uses infrared LEDs for night vision. Its night vision is up to 20 feet away in the dark depending on the environment.


Audio - Wyze Cam v2 wins

Wyze Cam v2 has two-way audio. It is especially helpful if a burglary happens. Imagine if a burglar hears a warning disembodied voice, he will be scared af.

Blink XT has one-way audio, so you can both see and hear what's happening at home.


Smart home compatibility - tie

Blink XT is compatible with Amazon Alexa, so is Wyze Cam v2. So you can ask Alexa to show you footage. By doing so, you don't just watch a few seconds of video; rather you can watch up to 10 minutes of a camera feed.

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