Cross-border shopping is growing faster than we can imagine. It is estimated that 45% of consumers have tried cross-border shopping (Source: DHL Shop the World). Also, iiMedia Research states that global cross-border shopping turnovers reached 676B USD in 2018, growing by 27.5% compared with 2019. Consumer’s needs already expand from local products to international selective ones. They are not satisfied with brick-and-mortar local stores anymore. Rather, they prefer to shop online to pursue a wide selection of products sold abroad. But what is good about cross-border shopping? Here are the top 5 reasons according to the surveys:

Premium Brands

Not every brand is officially available in the local market. That’s when cross-border shopping kicks in. It can help us buy a foreign branded product online!

There is no doubt that a product sold in its home country has the lowest list price in the world. Sometimes purchasing it from overseas via online shopping is cheaper even after taking postage into account. For example, if you buy some type of COACH from the U.S., it will cost you less.

Exclusive Selection: limited edition or country-exclusive products

Are you looking for something special or something exclusive? Then you should definitely pick up overseas shopping! There is a wide range of limited editions or country-exclusive products waiting for you to explore online and abroad. Take me for an example. I am a big fan of LEGO and dream to collect every LEGO NINJAGO sets in the world. Then I often go on eBay to see what potential item I can buy and then fulfill my dream.


Are you worrying about buying a counterfeit product on the marketplace site? Shopping on the official website can help you avoid that problem. It is worth even buying it on an overseas official site! Also, this could enable you to have an item made locally and bring about the country-of-origin effect. Buying Gap clothes from the U.S. sounds much better than Gap clothes from China, for example.

Interesting Products

What can be more exciting than buying something unprecedented? Have you ever dreamed of a companion robot? Or wear a jetpack to fly in the sky? In this generation, innovation is running faster than we think and creativity is revolutionizing our products. Anything you imagine could be found in online stores from around the world. Some exotic products are even only accessible through cross-border shopping rather than local stores. For example, you can buy a handcrafted Gold Picasso Face Earrings on Etsy.

Promotional: Steep discounts on overseas holiday Black Friday and at Christmas

Too few shopping holidays in your country? Don’t worry. Shopping overseas allow you more opportunities to shop for products on sale. For example, there are steep discounts on Black Friday and at Christmas. Here are some holidays where you can get a satisfying deal when shopping overseas:

  • Presidents Day in Feb
    • The origin of Presidents’ Day lies in the 1880s celebrating the birthday of Washington (US president). Today Presidents' Day is evolved into a big sale holiday with deals from many retailers on home goods, electronics, and clothing.
  • Amazon Prime Day (happened on July 16 in 2018. It hasn’t been announced for 2019 yet)
    • Prime Day is a time Amazon Prime members can enjoy lightning deals, price cuts, and promotions. Prime Day offers free shipping upgrade for Prime members. Its promotion mostly focuses on smart home devices, TVs, and PCs.
  • Back to School sales in Aug-Sep
    • Whether you’re buying for a child just starting their education or you’re a college student looking to get ahead, there are price drops on some of the most popular tech at this time of the year.
  • Labor Day in Sep
    • When every worker takes a day off on Labor Day, they love to go outside and have parties with their families and friends. Usually, clothing, electronic appliances, everything you’d use for entertainment will be on sale.
  • Black Friday in Nov
    • Guess what has routinely been the busiest shopping holiday of the year in the U.S? Black Friday! When Black Friday sales and pre-Black Friday sales come, TVs, smart home devices, tablets, PCs, and wearable gadgets will be on sale.
  • Cyber Monday in Nov
    • Right after Black Friday is Cyber Monday, where you can buy all the electronics and tech gadgets that you’ve desired for the whole year. Its discount is always insane every year.
  • Christmas in Dec
    • This is the family holiday and particularly celebrates for Children. When it comes to this time, every child will be so excited about their Christmas gifts which are usually toys and games. In the meanwhile, retailers will grab this opportunity starting to promote toys and games as holiday gifts.

It is said that Black Friday & Cyber Monday usually offer the steepest discounts of the year. Take Nintendo Switch for example. Its price dropped by 60 USD on Amazon during 2018 Black Friday. So what to expect for the next shopping holiday: nowadays, most of these sales event offers a huge discount on a wide range of products from electronics to home furniture. However, some sales focus on certain categories, like laptops and cell phones on Back to School & Cyber Monday; appliances & smart home devices on Amazon Prime Day & Black Friday, etc.

So don’t miss the thrill overseas shopping can bring to you, including exclusive products, foreign promotion, and access to premium brands.

What We Do to Make Cross-Border More Exciting!

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