When it comes to beauty, many of us will do whatever it takes to look our best. However, how far will you go? Here are some of the weirdest beauty products we've come across – from the slightly disturbing to downright wacky!

Beauty Lift Nose Lifter (Electric)

weirdest beauty nose lifter

We know that from the first look, this looks like a torture device… but we’ll assure you it’s not! It’s actually an electric nose shaper that helps to lift up your nose, at the same time massaging your nose to be smaller. Some people say that the results will be shown in just 2 week’s time! Would you give it a try?

funny gif

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Double EyeLid Trainer

weirdest beauty

Weird but true 👉 by just wearing these eyelid ‘trainers’ you’ll get double eyelids within a month! It might feel weird and uncomfortable, but hey… it beats going under the knife right?

Since it’s only available online, why not check for the best offers across the web before buying? It will save your time from scouting for the best prices 👇

CandyLipz Mini Grape Lip Plumper

lip plumper
 lip plumper

As weird as this looks, sucking onto this nifty little ‘lip plumper’ can actually make your lips fuller (think Angelina Jolie or Kylie Jenner). Not convinced?

This is the before vs. after using this product:

 lip plumper

Since it’s not available locally, you can always get it here. There are also price comparisons for this, do check it out 👇

[RUBELLI] Beauty Face V-Line Neoprene Belt + Hot Mask

weirdest beauty

As you can guess already, this is made for anyone who wishes to achieve that perfect V-Shape face! We know this looks uncomfortable, but hey… it’s not as bad as you think!

Made from soft neoprene material, it focuses on pulling your chin and neck muscles up for that more ‘youthful’ and sharper look. There are also ‘hot masks’ that will generate heat around your neck area (imagine sauna for your neck, feels not bad actually). Here’s how to use it:

weirdest beauty

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Butt Lifter Padded Panty

weirdest butt lifter pant

This is basically a padded panty - a butt ‘bra’ in a sense. Afraid that it might look unnatural? Here’s a pretty good before vs. after:  

weirdest butt lifter

Maybe you’ve seen it before in night markets or other local stores, but this particular Butt Lifter Padded Panty is NOT the same. It’s different from the others because:

  • It’s a great quality product shipped from the UK.
  • It’s fitted with removable lightweight silicone pads (to have that real bouncy feel).
  • These pads each have 990 holes so that your ‘behind’ feels breathable all day long.
  • It’s also optimised for moisture absorption so that you won’t feel sweaty and uncomfortable wearing it for long hours.

Which one of these weirdest beauty products would you try?

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