How can you change your bad habits? Like stealing snacks, biting nails, etc. Still worrying about these bad habits? Nowadays, there is a product of "Pavlok electric shock bracelet" invented abroad. In addition to being able to function as a basic alarm clock, this bracelet is also very powerful. Stealing snacks, biting nails, or smoking can be detected, and when you do these things, it will release the current "Remind you" and don't continue.

Pavlok Band

This bracelet can be activated as long as it is connected to the mobile app. There are "zap", "beep" and "vibration" modes. Don't worry if you choose the zap mode, where the Pavlok wristband will create an electric shock. The electric current released by this bracelet is very harmless to the human body, but the sudden current can definitely shock and warn the user to stop bad habits.

Pavlok Band 2

Although the price is quite high, it is a good shock band to stop hitting snooze. If you can really use the shock bracelet to change the bad habits that you can't stop, this is the way! (But don't take off the Pavlok band and secretly eat fatty food, you will waste money on this precious and useful bracelet. LOL)