The series of "Game of Thrones" finally going to broadcast after two years! Since the release of the final season trailer on March 5th, we can see the video click on YouTube has exceeded 50 million times! After a long wait, the fans can finally peep some scenes from the trailer.

Although there are only six episodes in the final season, I believe that each episode will have a movie-like effect. According to rumors, the eighth season is the bloodiest season in history. Although the story is extremely confidential, it can be guessed from the trailer that most of the characters will gather in the north to protest against the Night King and his white walkers. And what the big fans want to know most is who will take the throne!

The Iron Throne in Rockefeller Center in New York has become a photo spot for foreigners and tourists.

In addition, through the list below, we will know how high the popularity of Game of Thrones, and has collaborated with a lot of brands to launched peripheral products.


Game of Thrones X Brewery Ommegang

This is not the first collaboration of Game of Thrones X Brewery Ommegang. This time they introduce a blend of beer and wine, currently 5 options available on Brewery Ommegang's website.

Game of Thrones X Diageo

Diageo launches 8 whiskies represent for the 7 major houses and the Night Watch.

Diageo also launched a different white walker theme whiskey in October last year. Others said that the wine has the feeling of "winter is coming" after drinking.

HBO X Pepsi

HBO X Pepsi has also launched cans packaging, which is white when the temperature is high, and Arya's revenge list shown when the temperature is low.


Game of Thrones X Oreo

Oreo has released a variety of House Sigil cookies.

Oreo took a commercial video with full of creativity credit to GoT opening theme song.


Game of Thrones X Urban Decay 

This Urban Decay Eyeshadow tray is an iron throne. There are 4 themes correspond to 4 countries, Hardhome, Winterfell, Kings' Landing, and Bay of Dragons.

Game of Thrones

If you are a big fan, you can consider buying a whole set, the current official website price is about US$250, and it will be sold on April 14th!

Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones X Adidas

Adidas launched the Ultra Boost series this year, with 6 colors for 6 characters.

Game of Thrones

Since the final season draws near, we can see GoT in everywhere and every places. Such as clothing, board games, subway cards, and credit cards cover almost all the products in life. If you are interested in the funko, you can refer to Does Game of Thrones’ Characters Look Similar in Funko Pop?, there are many funkos in detail of each character!

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