Walmart is a multinational retailer and the largest food retailer in the United States. Although Walmart is a supermarket, the things that are sold inside are all-inclusive! Including daily necessities, clothing, home appliances, cosmetics, toys, health food, etc., definitely meet the needs of the whole family. It is also one of the shopaholic’s favorite shopping sites, if you have deep affection of shopping, you must not miss it! Unfortunately, Walmart does not provide international shipping, so in this guide, we’re going to teach you how to register an account on Walmart, and make an international purchases.


Go to Walmart website, If you are new to Walmart, click the second icon of a man on upper right, there are a drop down list, click “Create Account” to register a new Walmart account.

(If you are already a Walmart member, just sign in and continue your shopping! Go Step 3.)


To create new account, you now have to fill in your name, email address, plus a password. After you have added your simple details, click “Create account” to submit your details.


Now you can start your first shopping experience in Walmart website! To explore your desired products, you can type the product name in the searching box or click the navigation menu icon which on the upper left to search by departments.


You will reach a searching page which full of products after you typing your wanted item. Simply click on the product photo or product title which you want to know more.


  1. Filter column at the top and left hand side can help you shop efficient.
  2. Don’t forget to check out the product rating and previous customer reviews before choosing to buy an item.
  3. To shop wisely by comparing price before buying, you can go [Comparee] to find the lowest price among 10 thousand merchants.


Check out the product description and product image to know more about the product.


  1. Scroll down to see more details about product description and product information, it may help you to make smart decision!


Just click the blue “Check out” button if you decide to buy it! Or you want to “ Continue Shopping”, just click it!


  1. The cost which shown in the right column in order from top to bottom is item price, US shipping fees and US domestic tax.
  2. For some products, you might enjoy the free shipping when you meet the seller’s shipping term.


The date shown below is estimated arrival time in the United States. If you are fine with it just click “Continue”.


  1. Pickup option is a convenient way for people living in US, let them pick up the item purchased at the nearby Walmart store, for international shopper just choose shipping.


Now you will reach the “Enter shipping address” section. Due to Walmart doesn’t provides international shipping, you can choose forwarding services like [buyipee] to help you. So, you can ship the items to their address in the US, and they will forward your order to your place with international shipping. After entering the address detail, click “Continue”.


Walmart will ask you to enter your detail again to confirm your identity before making purchase. Just enter the email and password which you registered and click “Continue” button.


A confirmation page appear again, after you confirm your shipping address detail, click “Continue” button.


Walmart accepts debit/credit card, ATM, Walmart Gift Card, PayPal, etc. You can add your payment methods by filling your details and click “Review Your Order”.


In the last step, you can see the estimate arrival time in US, your shipping address, payment method and the total amount of the order in the confirmation page. Just confirm that all the information here is filled in correctly. Last, click the blue button "Place order" below to complete your first purchase of Walmart!