In 2016, some teachers can't help but notice this magical t-shirt on Kickstarter. It seems teacher might not need a teaching book anymore. Students just need a smartphone or tablet so that they can acquire all the knowledge in the world.

At first, you might think it is just a ordinary t-shirt, but it is more amazing and unusual than that.

Virtuali-Tee created a t-shirt with many puzzling boxes which can help you look inside the human organs.

What is it for?

It is basically a t-shirt with a screen-printed code that you can scan it by a mobile application to see the human body on screen. The app is like an X-ray exploring the body and turning the Virtuali-Tee t-shirt into an overwhelming learning experience. Such innovative anatomy learning definitely can help a person like me who is so sick of biology fall in love with the biological class again.

VR application

Seeing circulatory or respiratory systems on the mobile is amazing enough. But apart from the mobile app, Virtuali-Tee also offers a VR learning experience that is more realistic than the app. It creates a spacial awareness to project a vivid view by moving your VR device closer to Virtuali-Tee t-shirt.

Everyone can wear it

Virtuali-Tee provides various sizes to both kids and adults so it is a educational material tailored to people with different ages.

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Why Virtuali Tee creates this t-shirt?

Virtuali-Tee aims to make people healthier. So their first step is to let people actively engage in deeply learning the human body so that they can know how to take care of themselves.

It is used as an educational material and Kickstarter has raised enough funds to make it into mass production. If you are interested in this eye-opening t-shirt, they are accessible in UK online stores .

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