No matter who you are, as an adult or a kid, you might be crazy about LEGO before. If you are still a big fan of LEGO like me, you may be active in searching for a great deal from time to time. But there are some tips to hooting its items, which can help you get the exclusive, genuine, cheap LEGO toys.

Where Is LEGO's Price Lowest - The U.S.

LEGO from the U.S. is sold at a relatively lower price. The fans usually can hoot cheapest packages from Thanksgiving to Christmas. If you are not sure if the item is good enough to buy it, you can refer to this equation that big fans share: Price / the number of pieces < 0.074 USD But where exactly should we buy LEGO, online or its official store? Of course, it's better to purchase a bunch of brick packages in U.S stores. However, it's not a really efficient way for a regular buyer like me. So I would prefer to buy it online, either on LEGO official website or on other e-commerce sites, like Amazon. Many people find the prices on LEGO Shop so low and expect to hoot them from abroad. However, LEGO Shop doesn't support delivery service for Singapore and Malaysia. So our option end ups online shopping on non-official e-commerce sites. Here are examples where you can find great deals:
  • Amazon

As a whole, it is a great marketplace of LEGO. Except for big-size and out-of-date version, all the other sets on Amazon are worth buying because of their reasonable prices. Its listed prices on Amazon are usually almost the same as LEGO official prices. They would become lower when Amazon holds a sales event. If you decide to deliver your items by Amazon, you have to be aware of two aspects:
  1. Check shipping cost before purchase
  2. For Singapore, avoid your total cost of over 400 SGD, or you will be charged 7% GST of your item. For Malaysia, avoid your total cost of over RM500, or you will be subjected to custom excise duties.
  • Target

It sells various LEGO items, including street theme. Its selling prices are pretty much like those on the official site.
  • eBay

Attaining great items on eBay mostly depends on your luck. Sometimes eBay indeed offers access to great deals. However, there are some counterfeit toys in this marketplace as well. So pay attention to product details and reviews before you buy it.

Buying Tips

In my experience, I recommend, on American shopping platforms, buy LEGO whose themes are street, Star WarsNINJAGO, latest Marvel Super Heroes. Also, you can buy those items featuring a big size and a large package. Otherwise, it is not worth shopping on the above platforms. Also, go buy tiny and on-sale sets! During seasonal sales, I bought the series of Dimension, whose lowest price is 7.99 USD. From this case, you can see it's cheaper to buy it abroad. [caption id="attachment_2239" align="alignnone" width="600"]LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Marvel Super Heroes[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2240" align="alignnone" width="600"]LEGO Star Wars Star Wars[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2241" align="alignnone" width="600"]LEGO NINJAGO NINJAGO[/caption]

What LEGO Exclusives Are Rare?

LEGO has been releasing a wide range of  U.S.exclusives, especially for those popular themes, such as Harry Potter and Star Wars.

TRON: Legacy 21314


Harry Potter TM Hogwarts Castle 71043

LEGO Harry Potter  LEGO Harry PotterLEGO Harry PotterLEGO Harry Potter

Star Wars Ultimate Millennium Falcon 75192

LEGO Star Wars In November 2018, the official just introduced exclusives in China and released region-themed sets. The new sets commemorate iconic Chinese New Year traditions. It is well received by everyone since released and many stores now are already out of stock. LEGO China setLEGO China set

What Should I Be Aware of When Buying LEGO Online?

  • Fraud: never buy a too cheap item!
  • Category: confirm item number and check product quality according to product pictures before purchase
  • Time: confirm when the item will be dispatched after payment
  • Delivery: confirm the sellers will use materials buffering the product from damage.

How Can I Tell Between Genuine And Counterfeit Product?

  1. Check the logo/trademark on the package
  2. Check the logo/trademark on the brick
So far I haven't found that a company producing counterfeit bricks are allowed to violate the above copyright rules. This is due to the official's strictly legal supervision of counterfeit products. The genuine LEGO bricks are carved with its logo, so are its key chains. How to tell if a minifigure is genuine depends on how its legs connect themselves with its body. If your minifigure's legs look like those on the above photo, then it's assured that you bought a genuine product.

What Kind of LEGO Can Children play?

Simply saying, adults and children aged from 2 to 5 can buy LEGO, while children aged below 2 can play Duplo. Some components of LEGO is too small and thus 2-year-old children might mistakenly eat them. Therefore, the brand of Duplo was created for this concern. Duplo features larger toy bricks than two-year-old children's hands, so users can easily grab them and pile them up. Duplo Duplo