Father’s Day is coming soon! It’s time of the year again to think of a great gift for your dad! Finding gifts for dads can be tough, as you’d want to get something that’s practical and thoughtful… but he might already have pretty much everything!

Don’t worry too much, here are some unique gift ideas just for your dad! And best of all, each of these products is available with price comparison to help you get the best offer available - which will bring happiness to both your dad and your wallet 😉

Scroll down and read on!

Black & Decker Coffeemaker

father's day

If your dad is a coffee lover, then this will be what he needs! Imagine waking up late in the morning, with a mug of amazing homemade coffee, still dressed in pajamas and loafers… what a great Father’s Day!

Melitta Coffee Filters

father's day

With a coffee maker, he will need coffee filters too. Don’t make your dad get these himself, make it a set for him as well ☕

Mr.Coffee Mug Warmer

father's day

Now, you won’t want your dad’s mug of coffee to get cold too quickly! Might as well put this into his set of Father’s Day gift basket too.  

Braun Electric Shaver

father's day

Shaving is what every man does. Even if your dad has an existing shaver, it’s still alright to get him a new one! Besides, who would say no to new things?

Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit by Northern Beards

father's day

So your dad is more of a ‘hipster’ with amazing beard? This is the perfect gift - let his masculine ‘mane’ shine in all its gloriousness!

Garmin Speak with Amazon Alexa

father's day

Is your dad one of those men who… never ask for directions? At his service, this dainty little Alexa speaker is PERFECT. Not only that it gives turn-by-turn navigation, it can also  play music and stream podcasts, create to-do lists, play games (since you’re too busy to play football with your dad these days), make dates in the calendar, reports weather/traffic and more!

It’s like having a tiny secretary packed in a small device... A secretary your mom won’t complain having around the house 😉

eTape Digital Tape Measure

father's day

If your dad is a hands-on home fixer… this will be a great gift. This digital measuring tape allows him to save up to 3 memories (no need for him to fumble around and jot down measurements), there’s centerline calculation, re-zero measurements, and more!

T-Relief Arthritis Tablets

father's day

If your dad was the fixer of all things, his body might be worn out - more tendencies to suffer from arthritis and painful joints. Sadly, it will also limit his mobility 😟

Gift your dad the relief from joint pains, as well as a better life with more mobility!

TruNature Ginkgo Biloba

father's day

One of the biggest struggle of ageing is memory retention. Rewind these effects for your dad, with Ginkgo Biloba! Besides memory, this plant is also proven to reduce symptoms of mind fog, dizziness, difficulty concentrating, and mood disturbances.

Father's Day Bunting Banner

father's day

Last but not least…. Throw your dad a PARTY! For all the love and care he showered you with, it’s time he gets a party of his own to celebrate life 🎉 You’ll need this banner.

We hope this article helped you decide what to get! Anyway, besides than showering your dad with gifts, it’s also important to spend quality time together. Make sure to show appreciation for his years of hard work, play time, dad jokes, as your unofficial ‘Grab’ driver, and most importantly - his unconditional love and support 👴💕

Happy Father’s Day in advance, everyone!

father's day

Guest Post by Diana 
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