Are you addicted to Chocolate as I am? I've been to many countries before and tried many sweets and chocolate. Until now, I still can't forget how great some of the chocolates taste. They are so impressive and totally captured my heart. Today, I want to tell you three of the best German chocolate I ate in the world.

Ritter Sport

Ritter Sport features many tastes of square-shaped chocolate bar, including pure, crispy, fruity, creamy, and nutty. Also, it is so thoughtful that it tailors its chocolate to vegans and lactose-allergic people. Sometimes, it releases a special version of flavor, such as rum. Recently, it collaborated with Ghana farmers to produce a new series of chocolate.


Lindt is a chocolate brand from Switzerland. It uses the finest cocoa selected from the world's most renowned places. Its chocolate has a special flavor of roasting because it features a sophisticated process to roast and grind high-quality beans. It has special nut-mixed chocolate that immersed with delicious roasting aroma. It is famous for its milk chocolate, which can represent the royal in the chocolate field.


Milka's chocolate tastes velvety and smooth beyond my expectation. It claims it uses milk from Alpine to produce its milk chocolate. Its taste of encouraging tenderness is an irresistible seduction for me whenever I eat it. It has an assortment of flavors and each of them is worth trying. If you travel to Europe, I strongly recommend you try its yogurt and ice pop. They are so delicious that you would love to smuggle them into Southeast Asia!

So what are you waiting for?

Next time when you go to Germany, you should go to the confectionery store or supermarket to take a look at these amazing German chocolate. You will regret it if you miss their impressive taste and reasonable price. But if you have much time traveling there, you can also go to Amazon to shop for it.

The above photos from Ritter Sport, Lindt, Milka