Hot weather is a normal phenomenon in Malaysia and Singapore, so set 16-degree Celsius of remote air-con and a glass of frozen juice is a must for Malaysian and Singaporean at home! Here to introduce you a macarons Toffy retro juicer that with super beautiful design and high-cost performance.

Do you know that this Japan's popular kitchen appliance brand Toffy has caught many girls and mother's hearts with its macarons colour series kitchen appliances?!!

Check it out!

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1. Easy to make juice, smoothie, baby food, etc.

A glass of fresh juice every day, let your body absorbs a variety of vitamins to build bright skin and a healthy body! There are health concerns on the purchase of beverages outside, on the other hand, the price is generally more expensive. With the Toffy retro juicer, you can drink fresh juice without preservatives at home, juice, smoothie, soup and even baby food can easily be made as easy as blowing off the dust!

Toffy retro juicer

2. Simple operation, quick blend

Toffy retro juicer
Put the ingredients into the glass pot
Toffy retro juicer
Cover it
Toffy retro juicer
Three speed, choose mode according to ingredients

3. Easy to clean

Anyone who has used a juice machine knows that it is easy to blend juice, but it is difficult to clean, especially in a glass pot. But Toffy retro juicer can remove the cutter head and wash it. You can remove it by turning the knife holder once. It is also very simple to put it back. Let get it on Comparee!