Ramadhan Kareem, dear readers! We understand that fasting from sunrise to sunset isn't an easy task. Hence, for this holy month, we've compiled some nutritional as well as lifestyle tips to help ease your Ramadhan 😉

Let’s start with the nutritional tips! Learn how you can eat healthily at Iftar and Suhoor with our tips below:


Tip 1: Headaches and dizzy spells during Ramadhan are common, due to low levels of sugar in your body. Therefore, it is highly recommended to begin Iftar by eating 2-3 dates, as it helps the body to replenish the sugar levels after a day of fasting. Not to mention that they’re super yummy too!

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Tip 2: Drink plenty during the month of Ramadhan (at least 8 glasses of water). Also, do avoid salty drinks to prevent thirst during fasting. Last but not least… turn drinking into an enjoyable experience with tea time.

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Tip 3: Suhoor is important as it provides you strength for the day, making it easier to fast. It should contain a balanced meal with all the nutrients needed by the body. Best to avoid 'heavy' snacks such as kunafa or baklava, as well as greasy and spicy food - as these will induce thirst and might cause indigestion too.

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Tip 4: Planning your meals ahead during Ramadhan allows you to be efficient, and saves energy/time. One of the best ways is using a crockpot. All you need to do is just put the ingredients of your meal plan in the crockpot and turn it on before you leave the house in the morning - warm nutritious food will be ready when you’re home!

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Tip 5: And if you’re getting the crockpot, don’t forget to get slow cooker liners too! You will never need to do any crockpot cleaning with these - totally deserves a nobel prize for whoever that invented this 👏  

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Now that we’ve been through the nutritional part, let’s talk about a few essential lifestyle tips that will be useful for the month of Ramadhan:


Tip 1: Whenever you’re cooking for Iftars in advance, you’ll need good quality containers to keep them fresh. You should opt for microwavable ones that are made with quality tempered glass, as plastic ones are less durable and might release toxins under heat.

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Tip 2: Chances are that your close friends or relatives will come over for Iftar. Therefore, it's handy to have beautiful serving food trays/platters ready.

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Tip 3: A handy foldable, portable rug will be useful for Fajr, Magrib, and all of your prayers throughout the day - anywhere you might be!

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Tip 4: Get prayer time reminders throughout the day, with this Azan alarm clock. No worries about forgetting or missing out the time anymore, as you’ll get a reminder for sure!

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Tip 5: You might not have the best of sleep during this holy month, due to waking up for Fajr or catching up with friends till late night! A sleep tracker will be helpful, as it will help determine the amount of quality sleep you’re having.

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Thanks for reading and we hope this article was helpful! Though it’s already mid-way through the month, we’d still like to wish you a very happy Ramadhan and may this Ramadhan be as bright as ever! 🌜

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