As an avid poker player, the quality of the deck of poker cards you use is a significant element of the joy of gaming. You don't want to ruin your gaming experience just because of fragile and low-quality cards. There is no need to argue with this gaming expense since even high-class casino quality playing cards are not so expensive. Just spend more money on quality playing cards in case you feel disappointed during the game.

Now let's walk through the types of playing cards so that you might avoid buying the wrong ones.

Types of Playing Cards

Usually, two types of poker cards are common, namely vinyl cards and plastic cards. The former is a cheap kind of cards that you can find in a convenience store. Though they are affordable, they are generally made of low-priced materials and subject to tearing and bending. Please avoid these cards!

Apart from these two common types, here are two rare kinds of playing cards that are not easily accessible.

Waterproof & Resistant-to-Bending PVC Poker Cards

PVC Poker Cards

They are made of PVC material, so they are waterproof and their colors will not fade out. Their material makes themselves flexible and enables you to shuffle them much better than standard cards without bending them.

24K Gold Foil Plated Poker Cards

24K Gold Foil Plated Poker Cards

Luxurious gold foil playing cards allow users a high-class card game. They are plated with high-grade gold foil. They have all sorts of grain and refraction texture shining like gold. They are highly flexible and durable. Don't worry if you spoil water on their surfaces. Their material is waterproof so its print won't easily fade out.

Focus on poker cards

A lot of poker players focus on preparing for a great poker table or professional poker chips and ignore the most important part - poker cards. For the sake of Poker God, please don't bring cheap playing cards at the next gaming night. Your partners will be grateful for it and consider you a pro poker guy!