Still wondering which game console to buy, Switch or PS4? I have some thoughts about factors for consideration:

Price comparison

Price is always the first reason to distress me when making a decision. Now a Switch costs $300 (412 SGD), becoming the cheapest household console Nintendo has launched. Likewise, the PlayStation 4 Slim is priced at $300, though it has reached the price of $199 during Black Friday. So I would recommend to always check the seasonal sales before you make a purchase decision.
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Game comparison

  • Exclusive game
After all the basic comparison above, ultimately whether you should buy a Switch or PS4 will mainly depends on the games you want to play. Nintendo exclusives still remain trendy, like Zelda, and Mario. Last week, the Nintendo Switch launched the exclusives Pokémon: Let’s Go, which is for sure the most popular and noteworthy game of the console. Similarly, there are well-known exclusive titles on PS4, such as Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and Horizon Zero Dawn.
  • The number of released games
The PlayStation 4 has much more released games than the Nintendo Switch. The Switch still needs some time to reach the degree of PS4 game availability.
  • Are you a PC gamer?
Basically, a video game company launched games on the platform of PS4. And most of their popular games would be franchised as computer games. So if your computer is of high quality, you can play the games that is not only released in PS4 version but also in computer version, and thereby you don't necessarily buy a PS4. Playing Switch

Console design comparison

  • Battery life
In the mode of portable configuration, the Switch has 6 hours of battery life and needs around 3 hours to fully charge. However, intensive games, like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey could consume three hours of battery life.
  • VR game
The PlayStation 4 features HDMI port and a PlayStation camera port, while Switch don't have. The camera port is essential for PlayStation VR which is one of the selling point of interactive games.
  • Remote play
The PlayStation 4 can be played remotely only if you have a PlayStation Vita that allows you to stream game on a TV via Wi-Fi. In contrast, the Switch is optimized for remote play by design.

Display comparison

The Switch is capable of displaying games in 1080p, whereas its built-in screen only allows 720p resolution. However, this standard is high for some games. The PlayStation 4 is equally capable of 1080p resolution and HDR, which display better contrast between black and white colors.

Online gaming comparison

The PlayStation 4 features an online gaming community allowing players opportunities to share gaming experience, knowledge, and joy. In contrast, the Switch does not have as a sophisticated online system as PS4 does. So if you plan to mainly play video games with your friends online, the PlayStation 4 would be a good choice. Super Mario Odyssey on Switch

To sum up Switch vs. PS4

The Nintendo Switch is a technically cool game console with a variety of eye-catching features, especially its portable configuration which is the strength PS4 cannot achieve. Honestly speaking, the Switch is not inherently designed as direct competitor of PS4. In my opinion, the most fascinating characteristic for the Switch is its unique functionality and a number of sought-after exclusives, namely The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. For die-hard Nintendo followers and commuters who feel like killing time,  buying a Switch could be a no-brainer.