S’well, a brand which leading environmentally friendly thermos into fashion items. According to founder and CEO of S'well, Sarah Kauss, S'well's thermos has combined function and fashion in design, tend to influent people stop buying disposable water bottles, thus reducing single-use plastic consumption. Its great influence makes other brands such as Mira / 24Bottles / HYDY… have also adopted the design.

S'well's classic collection is divided into three sizes of 12/16/20oz. It is vacuum insulated, thanks to its tech make them can keep cooling up to 24 hours, and keep warm up to 12 hours. Each of its bottle has a super-duper beauty design, I believe even those who do not have the habit of carrying water bottles around, definitely will wish to have one! No matter what colour is used, it looks good. This makes S’well gained a lot of followers to share its products on Instagram!


Rowers series

Rowers series which has large bottle size has been well received by many people who love to jog and hike. They claim that the large capacity and the handle is quite convenient to them.


Snow grams cup Series

S'well even release snow grams cup that can make cocktail!


i think that the most intimate design is this "Sports Cap", which can be used to drink directly when you press the bottle cap.


In the field of the thermos, S'well is not cheap, and the maximum price of 25oz is as high as $45. The price is twice to the ordinary thermos, but it still attracts millions of followers. Why? The key is that it positions itself as a fashion item rather than a normal water bottle, and make many people become S'well collectors.

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