Halloween has always been an opportunity for brands and businesses to let their creativity run wild by either releasing a series of interesting spooky-themed product just like Starbucks did with their Halloween limited-editions, often to bring stunning surprises to their customers. These “evil” ideas often loved by the masses.
A global renowned coffee company, Starbucks, which committed to offering high-quality coffee and providing a comfortable dining environment, has always been a brand that the masses really loved. It is to no one’s surprise that Starbucks quickly gained a massive amount of loyal customer throughout the past decade. The sales figure for Starbucks’ collector items such as the tumbler, mug, planner and even gift cards that launched at different themed-designs based on the ongoing events showed that Starbucks’ lover loved to collect them, especially those limited-edition products. Starbucks in different countries often have different ideas when it comes to the design language or theme for their collector items. My maths teacher back in my high school, who is a huge Starbucks enthusiast, traveled abroad just to collect different-themed Starbucks tumbler from different countries! This might sound like a crazy thing to do but not for the Starbucks fanatics!! To meet the weird but fun western Halloween, Starbucks surely does not miss their opportunity to do their “trick or treat”. We can see that Starbucks has done a lot to show their creativity in designing Halloween themed collector items and menu items like beverages in many different Asian countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. Let’s look at what Starbucks Asia has done this year!

Japan The Fantasy

People who love the Halloween’s favourite, cats and pumpkin BE AWARE! Starbucks Japan has recently released a series of Halloween black cat and cute pumpkin themed collection items on October 1st. Don’t miss it if you have the opportunity to travel to Japan during this October!
  • Halloween Black Cat Mug with Scarf (Capacity: 355 ml, Price: ¥1900)
  • Halloween Pumpkin Mug (Capacity: 355 ml, Price: ¥1800)halloween starbuck black cat mughalloween starbuck pumpkin mug
  • Halloween Party Pumpkin Bottle (Capacity: 500 ml, Price: ¥2400)
  • Halloween Party Black Cat Bottle with Foodprint (Capacity: 500 ml, Price: ¥2400) * Temperature: -20℃~100℃ (body), -20℃~120℃ (bottle cap)halloween starbuck pumpkin bottle halloween starbuck black cat bottle

Source: Starbucks Japan

And now I would like to introduce two awesome Halloween limited-edition beverages: Halloween Witch Frappuccino and Halloween Princess Frappuccino which both are beautiful in appearance and come with apple bases. Only available in Japan! Running from October 18 to 31, 2018. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bo0MT7wCXkA/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Halloween Witch Frappuccino® has bloody red apple compote at the bottom, milk blended with crumbled caramel cookie in the middle, and chocolate sauce on top over the whipped cream. A mixed layer of deep red and dark brown tend to give you a spooky witch feel. Halloween Princess Frappuccino® has apple compote too fused with white mocha sauce and milk, giving it a princess-like sweet pink, and a lot of sparkle pearls over the whipped cream on top. However, this is an amazing but saddening news to Starbucks fanatic like me who is not staying in Japan. (cry!!!) [Read more...]5 Halloween must-try ideas besides Halloween Horror Nights

Hong Kong / Macau The Cute

Starbucks in Hong Kong and Macau released their series of Halloween black kitten and cute pumpkin themed collection item on October 1st too. The mugs looked very much alike to Starbucks Japan’s, but you definitely could spot various differences when taking a closer look at both. The kittens on the mug came with two cute little ears at the edge of the cup with huge innocent-looking eyes, in addition of a pumpkin-shaped lid. What I liked the most is their set of plate that comes with two different designs, one is pumpkin-shaped while another is black round-shaped with black kitten hidden below! (Capacity: 12oz, Price: HKD135-170) Starbucks_Halloween_Series halloween starbuck halloween starbuck halloween starbuck halloween starbuck

Source: Starbucks HongKong

Taiwan The Elegant

Starbucks Taiwan dressed up their Halloween black cat as a little devil that likes to play hide-and-seek. Different from Starbucks Japan and Hong Kong, the colour for the collection is mysterious black and elegant purple.  All these items have been officially released back in 3rd of October. halloween starbuck series taiwan
  • Halloween Upside Down Cat Double-wall Glass (Capacity: 10oz, Price: NT600)
  • Halloween Black Cat Hide and Seek Mug (Capacity: 12oz, Price: NT980)halloween starbuck       halloween starbuck
  • Halloween Party Dress Up Cat Mug (Capacity: 12oz, Price: NT500)halloween starbuck
  • Halloween Night Cat Eyes Tumbler (Capacity: 400 ml, Price: NT1380)halloween starbuck
  • Halloween Black Cat Universal Bag Set (Size: 29*10*21cm, Price: NT600)
  • Halloween Lohas Lightweight Side Backpack (Size: 23*16*8.5cm, Price: NT650)halloween starbuck      halloween starbuck
  • Halloween Black cat Party Umbrella (Size: 90cm, Price: NT1280)halloween starbuck

Source: Starbucks Taiwan

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Korea The Mysterious

Starbucks Korea has a very different idea in doing their “trick-or-treat” compared to other countries by launching a mysterious poster on October 19th! By spending at their selected stores, you will receive a coin that can be put into their gashapon machine to be greeted by unexpected surprises! TRICK OR TREAT Stores: The Jongno R, The Itaewon, Hongdae Trunk, Starfield COEX Mall R, Gangnam R. 💀Buy drinks or foods and draw with the coin you received!halloween starbuck 🎃 Excited! What is the drawing result?halloween starbuck 😈 Ohhh! Awesome props and some memorial pictures! Lets' pose nicely and SNAP with your Starbucks drinks! halloween starbuck This is also a very ingenious idea. You only need to spend more than 30,000 won, you can get one Halloween card for free, not just a single gift card, but with a Halloween designed pop-up card case! All Treat No Trick! https://www.facebook.com/starbuckskorea/videos/291885674755708/?t=2

Source: Starbucks Korea

Singapore The Creepy

Starbucks Singapore has launched a brand new Zombie Frappuccino while bringing back their Pumpkin Spice Latte on October 17th. Various delicate Halloween-inspired desserts and treats were released too! Can’t wait to get my hands on it but definitely not willing to eat it because how cute the looked! halloween starbuck
  • Zombie Frappuccino($7.90) features a blended beverage of nutty black sesame and red beans, topped with a bloody red drizzle, leaving it a zombie spooky feeling.
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte($7.20) that have been acclaimed last year features Starbucks signature espresso with notes of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and glove, and some real pumpkin pie spices sprinkle over the whipped cream on the top.
Halloween-inspired desserts
  • Let’s Hang Out Almond Chocolate Cake ($6.50) halloween starbuck
  • Hey Boo Lemon Drizzle Cake ($5.90) halloween starbuck
  • Creepin it Real Red Velvet Cake($5.90) halloween starbuck
It is so surprising that Starbucks Singapore also features Halloween Party series which is a limited-edition series of product that was released by both Starbucks Japan and Hong Kong/Macau (refer to above). This is a rare opportunity, go and grab it now!
  • Halloween Spooky Kitty Mugs(from $22.90) halloween starbuck
  • Halloween Jack-o’-lantern Plate Set($29.90)
  • Halloween Party Bottles ($21.90) halloween starbuck halloween starbuck

Source: Starbucks Singapore

Malaysia The Warm

Last but not least, Starbucks Malaysia has released a series of special edition Halloween-themed adorable teddy bear, which can be seen wearing a black witch hat, orange Starbucks T-shirt and holding a mini Jack O’ Lantern! Let’s go on a Halloween adventure this year with this Miniature Pumpkin Bearista!
  • Miniature Pumpkin Bearista(RM35 or RM32 with Starbucks Card)halloween starbuck

Source: Starbucks Malaysia

BONUS Treat from Comparee!

Don’t feel bad for not being able to collect every item above because some of them are not available in your country! We Comparee have your back! We found some of the past Starbucks Halloween-themed Bearista collections available for sale on Amazon! Let’s take a closer look at them!
  • 2004 Starbucks 35th Edition Skeleton Glow In The Dark  
  • 2005 Starbucks 41th Edition BLACK CAT with Pumpkin
  • 2008 Starbucks 77th Edition Pumpkin Bear starbucks halloween
  • 2009 Starbucks 85th Edition Plush Bear starbucks halloween

Source: Amazon