Home One Mon Calamari Star 7754

It's voted to commemorate the 10th anniversary of LEGO Star Wars. This flagship space station features a command center and briefing room with astronomical background, a launch and maintenance hangar, and various Star Wars minifigures, like Admiral Ackbar and Rebel leader Mon Mothma. Are you ready to take off to space and in charge of the spaceship sitting on the command chair!?

Separatist Spider Droid 7681

Look at this tremendously powerful Separatist Spider Droid! This soaring engine strides through hostile plains with four flexible stilt legs and utilizes its navigational laser cannons to blast enemies.

This set includes a wide range of commander minifigures! It can easily rotate the laser cannon on top of the machine, aiming at the direction you want!

Naboo Starfighter 7877

LEGO Star Wars spaceship
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