The first step after the Avengers 4 Marvel movie is "Spider-Man Far From Home" which is about to be released. In the meanwhile, LEGO also launched three sets of Spider-Man Far From Home scene, namely 76128, 76129, 76130.

After the battle with Sanos, the relationship between Spider-Man Peter Parker and his friends has further developed. During the time of waiting for the film to be released, you can first search for these three sets!

The mystery hero played by Jake Gyllenhaal in the trailer also appeared in these three sets of LEGO, presumably a very important role in the plot.

76128 Molten Man's Battle

This set of Molten Man is quite exquisite. The Molten Man's right hand is claws, and its left hand is a magma projectile. Its body is dripping magma. The minifigures are spiders, Mysterio, and a firefighter. Its accessories can be replaced by a variety of spider webs.

Spider-Man Far From Home Molten Man
Spider-Man Far From Home Molten Man
Spider-Man Far From Home Molten Man 3
Spider-Man Far From Home Molten Man minifigure
Spider-Man Far From Home Molten Man accessories

76129 Hydro-Man Strike

The second set is the scene of Hydro-Man attack. Spider web parts can be placed on the bridge, and the lover's seats have a mechanism to turn itself over. The minifigures are Mysterio, Peter Parker, MJ, and the villain, Hydro-Man. The most special thing is that Peter's head can be changed to a half-wearing spider mask, and his dressing can be also seen a small part of the spider's suit.

76130 Stark jets and drones strike

The last theme of the set is the scene of the drone attacking the Stark jet. The minifigures are Happy Morgan, Nick Fury, Spiderman, Mysterio. The jet can accommodate three minifigures. You can place the energy bomb inside the jet and then press the upper button to cast an energy bomb or a spider downward.

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