In the past decade, more and more people are turning to online shopping on a daily basis rather than walking to retail stores. Today, globalization and technology evolve this behavior to a global scale, where consumers are now able to purchase goods online long before they become available locally and are able to take advantage of discounts and sales such as Black Friday from the comfort of their own homes. Be sure to visit our blog to read more on the benefits of cross-border shopping.

Despite most merchants are now offering international shipping options of some sort, there are still market laggers who are reluctant to provide international service. In fact, many of them pass the responsibility to consumers to handle the cross-border challenges such as:

  • Shipping cost estimation
  • Import tax & duty
  • Payment method
  • Prohibited item, return, and other concerns. To know more shipping information, you can refer to our *link*FAQ.

Parcel Forwarder--Ship For You

Fortunately there are many parcel forwarding services in the market that will handle these problems for you for a small fee. A parcel forwarding service is essentially a mailing address that you can use for personal and commercial purposes without having to reside in that location. Below is simple explanation of how parcel forwarding service works:

  1. Sign up an account with them, and they will provide you with a local delivery address for their warehouse along with your receiver ID to identify that parcel belongs to you.
  2. Start shopping from the online merchants, and use the address they provide you at checkout
  3. Consolidate your other purchases (if applicable), choose shipping method, then release the shipment.
  4. Parcel will be delivered directly to your door.

Tips on consolidation & maximize shipping saving
If multiple packages are respectively sent to your country, the first weight fees will be charged for each package. Comparee suggests you ship your items in a batch by third-party parcel forwarders, which can save up your shipping expense.

For example (the following weight parameter is dimensional weight):
John bought a pair of shoes(5 pounds) on Amazon U.S., a dress(2 pounds) on eBay, a cap(3 pounds) on Walmart. The first weight charge is 10 USD; the additional weight charge is 5 USD.

Shipping fee calculation for separate package delivery:
*Shoes from Amazon(5 pounds) = (first weight charge 1 pound * 10 USD)+(additional weight charge 4 pounds * 5 USD) = 30 USD
*Dress from eBay(2 pounds) = (first weight charge 1 pound * 10 USD)+(additional weight charge 1 pounds * 5 USD) = 15 USD
*Cap from Walmart(3 pounds) = (first weight charge 1 pound * 10 USD)+(additional weight charge 2 pounds * 5 USD) = 20 USD

The total shipping expense is 65 USD.

Shipping fee calculation for consolidated package delivery:
*Shoes from Amazon(5 pounds) + dress from eBay(2 pounds) + cap from Walmart(3 pounds) = 10 pounds(first weight charge 1 pound * 10 USD)+(additional weight charge 9 pounds * 5 USD) = 55 USD
The total shipping expense is 55 USD.

Given the above simple example, consolidating multiple packages can save up international shipping expense. If you do not want to spend time searching for third-party parcel forwarders or figuring out the Ship For You process, we can help you find the trustworthy third-party parcel forwarders, buy products, and solve shipping issues.

Shipping related info (shipping cost, tax/duty, prohibited items, etc.)

1. Shipping fees and tax policy-
Because of different shipping charge policies of parcel forwarders, we suggest you go to parcel forwarders' websites first to know how they charge, if there is a U.S. state tax, tariff, and service fees, etc.

2. Prohibited item regulation- Comparee reminds you:
Considering aviation safety, every country's export and import regulations, custom policies, and restricted products listed by parcel forwarders, please go through shipping restriction provisions of your parcel forwarders in order to avoid the situation of being unable to forward your products after transaction.

How to use Buyippee for Buy For You and forwarding service
(Recommended Parcel Forwarder-for shipping to Taiwan, Hong Kong & Singapore)

How-to-use-Buyippee step by step diagram

Work Flow of "Buy For You"

Work Flow of "Ship For You"

Step-by-step Instruction

Step 1-Sign up for membership

Step 2-click on Order Now, select what you service (Ship For You and Buy For You), and indicate your local country. 

Step 3-fill up an order sheet of Ship For You/Buy For You

Ship For You order sheet:

Buy For You order sheet:

Next, please follow instructions on Buyippee's website and finish the Buy For You/Ship For You process.

Comparee Buy For You

Click on to Contact Us and simply send us with the information below and we will handle the rest:

  • Merchant’s product link or Comparee’s product page link (We will use the lowest priced merchant to place the order)
  • Buyer’s full shipping address (Including contact name & number)
  • Combine shipping (Let us know in advance if you are purchasing multiple items from multiple merchants to consolidate into one shipment; or we will assume the item is ready to ship upon arrival to our facility)

With the above information, we will get back to you with a final quotation and confirmation to proceed with the order.