I love to eat snacks and sweets, but I am afraid to get fat. So if I wanna quit this guilty pleasure, I would choose some snacks which are healthy and bear no burden on my figure. Nuts can be the answer. Nuts are suitable not only for the elderly but also for the young. In 2005, nuts were selected as one of the healthiest food by TIME. Thereafter, this kind of food is still voted at the healthiest snack in the U.S.

Sahale Snacks is one of the most popular snacks in the U.S. From supplement stores, grocery stores, to supermarkets, you can see this brand on the shelf. I've been dreaming to eat this snack in Singapore, but unfortunately, I rarely see it.

Sahale Snacks - Pomegranate vanilla flavored cashews

Sahale Snacks's nuts are made by non-oil dry roasting, so it doesn't taste really fatty and is suitable for children. It has a flavor of pomegranate. It is flavored by pomegranate juice concentrate and filled with dry roasted pistachios and dried apples.

The package of this flavor also includes cashew nuts spiced with pomegranate juice which tastes fruity and sweet. They don't taste fatty at all.

This flavor is my favorite because it tastes smooth and sour which are a perfect match with my taste buds.

Sahale Snacks - Valdosta Pecans

This flavor of pecans tastes mature and thicker.

It goes with dried cranberries and is spiced with brown sugar, sea salt, and black pepper.

Pecans are covered with black pepper, so it tastes a little savory. Plus, it has added with cranberries, so it has more flavors of sour and sweetness. The complication of its flavors makes itself stand out from ordinary nut snacks.

Sahale Snacks promises no preservatives, no artificial colors, and no artificial flavors. Its dry roasting help to reduce dietary burden. Sahale Snacks hope to inspire you to live with healthy snacks.

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