Jordan Brand, footwear brand which based on functional and comfortableness, has long been a dreamy product for all boys and men. Thanks to the sports fashion becoming the mainstream in this decade, it is no longer a casual act to wear a pair of sports shoes, it is all about fashion!

The basketball shoes, which were originally dominated by the male market, also influenced by sports fashion. In recent years, girls also have begun to wear Jordan shoes, showing a sense of leisure and fashion.

The launch of Russell Westbrook's Why Not Zer0.2 

In addition to the classic Jordan shoes, the signature shoe(Why Not Zer0.1) by the star player Russell Westbrook has become a collection of many fans these years. Today, we’ll see the launch of Russell Westbrook’s second signature sneaker, the Why Not Zer0.2. Its colourful scheme with red, white, blue, black, orange and other color blocks really catch our eyeballs. Do you think they look like our kids-beloved LEGO toys colours?

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Who is Russell Westbrook?

Talking to a girl about a basketball player is just like chatting Gucci, Chanel... bag with a man. It will be a boring topic, so we just need to remember that Russell Westbrook is an American professional basketball player for the Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball Association. He is a seven-time NBA All-Star, and a two-time NBA All-Star Game Most Valuable Player, winning consecutive awards in 2015 and 2016. (Source: Wikipedia)

Russell Westbrook has become the super idol of many men due to his amazing result on the basketball court, it also led to his cooperation with Jordan Brand. This Why Not Zer0.2 shoes which with a bright color collision design seem are using random colors, but it actually from each of the representative jerseys in Russell Westbrook's career. "Every colourway has a meaning behind it that is special to me," says Westbrook.

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Why "Why Not Zer0.2"?

Russell Westbrook wish to convey: "Why Not Me? Why not follow your dreams?" In order to let all-ages people enjoy the fun of basketball, he pushed the Jordan brand's design team to create quality shoes that are more affordable. It also come with children size, let the pursuit of dreams become a barrier of no age.

Source: Nike

Release Date: 10 January 2019
Release Price:  $125 USD, available at Nike SNKRS

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