10 IKEA Practical Child Care Products

IKEA products are affordable and beautiful, and sometimes you can get a lot of home design inspiration. Many people like to visit IKEA or go to Ikea just to taste curry puff and meatballs. But in fact, there are a lot of child care products are worthy of parents attention. Comparee here to recommend 10 practical and inexpensive items for your reference!

Lets take a look!


Stor baskets changing tbl set of 4


Parents most afraid of the baby moving when changing diaper , especially when the changing table is placed with various items. This set keeps baby care items at hand, making the process easier.

Knob rack with 4 knobs


Round hooks, the items are not easy to fall, and the round shape can reduce the damage caused by collision.

Training beaker


Two big handle enable baby to hold and drink by himself. Avoid spill and messes!

Building beakers


Designed for children learn and explore. Quality ensures that it can withstand pressures such as throwing and bumping.

Corner bumper


Baby or children like to walk around, it is best to install a corner bumper at the corner to prevent injuries.

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Shade with multicolour


The cloth shade provides even, soft light for a comfortable atmosphere.

Mattress protector


Waterproof backing protects the mattress. Made from sustainably grown cotton, which is natural and harmless for baby.

Children’s coat-hanger

RM5.90  / 8 pieces

Adult’s hanger is not suitable as baby clothes are small in size. This children’s hangers are made of safe, flexible plastic and are not easily broken or deformed, making them ideal for hanging children’s clothing.

Baby towel with hood


Many mothers will cover the baby with a towel after bathing. Why not a hoodie towel? The hood is made of soft and natural material, and it design makes it easy to dry the hair.

Children’s stool


Your children can stand steadily on it with it anti-slip that cover on top.
Recommended for ages from 12 months.

Source: IKEA Malaysia

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