Who Is Pokémon Let's Go Made for?

I believe that some Poke-fans would question the authenticity of Pokemon Let's Go because it is pretty different from what impression we have for Pokemon games.

The oldest Pokémon games: Pokémon Red, Green, and Blue

The new Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee is essentially a remastered game based on the first generation Pokemon RPG, Pokemon Yellow, released in 1998. If you are familiar with the old game, it could brings up your memory of childhood when you play Pokemon on GameBoy.

Pokemon Let's Go

The critics of those players who played Pokemon Yellow, no matter they are good or bad, always mentioned a point - nostalgic. Pokemon Let's Go resonates player's memory and youth reminiscences. Another critic for sure includes the considerable enhancement of graphics.

Pokemon Let's Go game screen

What’s New In Pokemon Let’s Go?

Besides knowing that it's an updated 3D version of Pokemon Yellow, what else we can be excited about in Pokemon Let’s Go:

1. Catching Pokemon Is Similar To Pokemon GO

To emphasize on gameplay of collection and reduce game difficulty, Pokemon Let’s Go removes traditional Pokemon battle mode. Now you have to throw a Pokeball via a flick on the Switch's touchscreen.

But if you are playing it in TV mode, you will need to throw a Pokeball with your Joy-Con controller or other compatible accessories. This will test how accurately you throw a Pokeball in the game. Personally, I prefer the portable mode because it's easier to play the game.

Although without classic battle, Pokemon Let’s Go requires less time consumption on catching Pokemon. Plus you can now easily tell where a wild Pokemon is. This can help you pass the game task faster than before.

2. Can Play Together With Friends!

Pokemon Let’s Go catching

If you need help with capturing a Pokemon, you can share the other Joy-Con with another player to catch and battle together. The two-player cooperation allows the other player to join the same team. This could make battles easier because most fight against NPCs happens in a 2:1 case. When catching a Pokemon, players can get a bonus if they throw their Pokeballs simultaneously, which could increase the chance of getting a Pokemon.

However, I don't feel this feature matter since it is only slightly helpful. This design of game mode is pretty much like that in Super Mario Odyssey involving beginners to participate in the game.

3. Pokemons Follow You Wherever You Go

Pokemon Let's Go following

I found an interesting feature: you can take Pokemon out of Pokeball. This function is traced to Pokemon Yellow. However, it was only applicable to Pikachu. Now you can select whatever Pokemon you want to follow your character in the game. You can clearly see that the ways Pokemons walk are different.

4. Style Your Pokemon

Pokemon Let's Go styling

You can use collected clothes and accessories to decorate your Pokemon. In the portable mode, you can even stroke your Pokemon, and then it might shake its body in a cute way.

5. You Can Ride on Pokemons And Even Fly With Them


Beside having Pikachu or Eevee on your shoulder or cap, you can even ride on some bulky Pokemons, such as Arcanine, Charizard, Haunter, Rapidash, Snorlax (my favorite!). You can ride on them on Pokemon Road to finally realize your snazzy dream of master Pokemon riders. Or even becomes a pilot flying with your own Pokemon!


Hug Snorlax rather than riding on it!

Let’s Go, Eevee or Pikachu: Which One Should You Go For?

Still confused which one you should buy? (If I were rich enough, I would buy both. But unfortunately...) So we will tell you the difference to help you make a decision before purchase.

1. Exclusive Pokemon For Each Version

If you are a poke-fan, you would know that every release of a new Pokemon game comes with two versions. So the same theory is applied to this new game. The biggest difference between the Let's Go two editions is the kind of Pokemon you can catch.

Those exclusive of Let's Go, Pikachu contains:

Sandshrew, Sandslash & Sandshrew (Alola variant), Sandslash (Alola variant)
Oddish, Gloom, Vileplume
Mankey, Primeape
Grimer, Muk & Grimer (Alola variant), Muk (Alola variant)

Let's Go, Eevee features:

While Bellsprout, Vulpix, and Meowth are only found in the wild in Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee!
  • Ekans, Arbok
  • Koffing, Weezing
  • Pinsir, Mega Pinsir

2. Pikachu & Eevee Have Exclusive Attacks

These Pokemons in two editions can learn exclusive partner attacks featuring high damage power and special adverse effects. However, acquiring these skills will lead to the fact that Pikachu and Eevee will not be able to evolve.

Pikachu can learn a couple of exclusive attacks, like:

Splishy Splash
Zippy Zap

Eevee can learn the following special skills based on its prospective Eeveelutions:

Freezy Frost
Sparkly Swirl

To Sum up My Experience,

In my experience in playing Pokemon Let’s Go, its quality is as high as the old editions, but it is more suitable for beginners. However, it would be less challenging to veteran gamers.

But as the first edition of Pokemon game on the Switch platform, it is worth buying it to try the whole new interactive experience of Pokemon which may be totally different from what you had before.

All image credits: The Pokémon Company