Pearl milk tea has recently become a mania in Japan. This time, the drink shop "Sweet Dynasty" has also caught up with this wave, and launched a variety of drinks in collaboration with popular Pokemon. Their Pokemon appearances are very eye-catching!

Pokemon Milk Tea 1
Pokemon Milk Tea 2

A total of six beverage cups include the mango pearl smoothie represented by Pikachu, rainbow pearl soda with jelly and honeydew pearl soda, matcha pearl milk represented in Bulbasaur cup, Hong Kong-style pearl milk tea in Eevee cup, and watermelon pearl smoothies in Mew cup. All of them can be seen "pearl" inside! The fans can't help but call out "I really can't bear to lose it." to such a cute takeaway cup. Drinks have begun to be sold in Nihonbashi Takashimaya and stores across Japan. So now you and your friends can visit Japan and give it a try!