Maintaining a swimming pool can be exhausting. Apart from vacuuming, cleaning, backwashing the filter, and skimming off leaves and insects, you have to make sure the water of the swimming pool is chemically balanced. It is not only for the hygiene reason but also for preventing the pool structure from being damaged. Observing this significance, the question of the pool service has been in question. But some businesses, such as pHin and Sutro, have responded to this service demand with IoT technology.

Smart pool device

Photo from pHin
Photo from pHin

The pool owner can simply toss a smart pool device into the pool or spa. Then through a smartphone or tablet, he or she can monitor the water balance and receive notifications when the water should be cleaned. So what benchmark does this device monitor? Take pHin for example. It measures pH, ORP, free chlorine, total hardness, cyanuric acid, and temperatures.

pHin measuresSutro measures
pH, ORP, free chlorine, total alkalinity, total hardness, cyanuric acid, temperaturepH, ORP, free chlorine, total alkalinity, total hardness, cyanuric acid, temperature, UV load

Customized chemical supplement

Photo from Sutro
Photo from Sutro

The smart pool device also provides a subscription service that delivers customized chemicals of the swimming pool. Based on the monitoring, the pre-measured pods that can make your pool chemically balanced are shipping to the pool owner in a subscription plan. Because most consumers don't want to know what exactly they should add to the pool and are reluctant to deal with chemistry, this device can help those pool owners who have this concern.

its device is not compatible with other chemical brands, so users are required to buy chemicals through the company.its device is compatible with any chemical line, so customers can continue using their preferred brand.

Network service

Besides the basic monitoring function of the smart pool device, it will offer another benefit: connecting users and pool service technicians through their respective service networks. A user can click on a button on the mobile application and ask a pool cleaner for help. The company will automatically match a user with a helper in the network.

Deduce labor & delivery cost

When smart pool devices are completely integrated into a household tech's route, we can reduce labor and delivery cost because:

  • reduce deliver cost: chemicals are delivered when users send a request on the mobile app so that chemical manufacturers don't have to drive around all the time.
  • reduce deliver cost: a device reduces the chance of human error. In the pool industry, companies tend to hire folks without much knowledge about chemicals so they have to send people to double check the pool, which costs more human capacity.