GNC (transform from General Nutrition Center), a well-known 80-years American company which selling health and nutrition related products, including vitamins, supplements, minerals, herbs, sports nutrition, diet, and energy products. If you have been traveled to the United States, you can see a large number of physical stores in the United States and locate in major cities. It's rich product lines and complete categories drive GNC to become one of the largest health care products brands in the United States.

Enjoy Big Discount When Buying GNC from Overseas

Must be mentioned that there is a big discount between the price of the GNC United States and Malaysia/Singapore! Buying from overseas may save you a lot, just about right to 70% price cut! That's why many people always bring a few bottles of GNC products back for their families when traveling to the United States.

Precautions of Buying Health Supplements

Health supplements are not medicines. In Western countries, the label of health care products is to "Maintain Healthy", which can regulate human functions, but not for the purpose of treating diseases. You can buy which is best for your health according to each person's own health status, age, and physical quality. Patients with diseases need to be taken under the guidance of professionals.

Top List of Women Essential Nutrition and Supplements

1. GNC Herbal Plus Bilberry Extract and Lutein(60 Capsules)


Healthy Benefit: Provides eye health and vision support with its ingredient: blueberry, lutein, and zeaxanthin. Ideal for working people who are working on computers for a long time, or for busy students.

2. GNC Herbal Plus Grape Seed Extract (100 Capsules)


Health Benefits: Anti-aging, provide good and healthy blood sugar to protect free radicals from oxidation. It makes the skin smooth, moisturized and elastic; anti-wrinkle function, repair skin collagen and help eliminate dark spots.

3. GNC Women's Evening Primrose Oil (1300mg)


Health Benefits: Relieves women's menstrual syndrome, such as dysmenorrhea, breast pain, insomnia, etc. Best designed for women, solve not only menstrual problem but also menopausal problems.

4. GNC Women's Hair, Skin Nails Formula (120 tablets)


Health benefits: Helps support beautiful hair, skin, and nails. Promote the body to produce collagen, let the skin become smooth and soft; help the hair more supple and strong.

5. GNC Herbal Plus Green Tea Complex (500mg)- California Only


Health benefits: Promote metabolism and provides antioxidant to help protect cells from free radical damage. Suitable for women who have irregular diets and who smoke and drink.

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