Have no ticket to Halloween Horror Nights? No Halloween party? No worries. You can still have fun with these recommended Halloween board games, simple Halloween costumes, and Halloween decorations during Halloween.

Try Spooky Halloween board games!

Halloween Monopoly This game might not scare you, but we assure that it is an appealing game for friends and families. Also, you can figure out how scary your friendships are. Monopoly can haunt your relationships and create a good time for you. How do you buy those hotels? With money that has all sorts of spooky Jack Skellington faces on it, of course! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ViOMukyc1E Where to get Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly? Halloween board game Ghostbusters The Board Game is a cooperative game that features dice-rolling and grid movement and realizes your imagination of New York's supernatural elimination and competition. The board consists of modular and double-sided tiles, so you'll have a customized experience that makes you desire to play again and again. Halloween board game  Halloween board game As a gamer, your task is to shut the gates to the spirit world, before all the ghosts have flowed onto the streets. Choose to be a role of any four original Ghostbusters and then you can vary the difficulty, attain new abilities, and experience the 40+ figurines. Halloween board game  Halloween board game This board game is based on the original story that brings about the game events from Ghostbusters. With guidelines on how to create your own scenarios, Ghostbusters The Board Game will keep you of interest for hours!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeHkKN_2PvI Where to get Ghostbusters The Board Game?

Just chill at home with cuddly Halloween bean bag

If you don't have any big plan at Halloween, chilling at home and watching horror movies with your friends or family can be a brilliant idea. During this special occasion, you can treat yourself with better and festive decoration. We would recommend put the shyest Boo from Super Mario at your home and make yourself comfortable. This Boo Bean Bag Chair can bravely and warmly surround you as both a furniture and a Halloween decoration. You probably used to be afraid he will rush into your body when playing Mario game. But now you won't be anymore and rather expect to sleep on its fluffy and soft figure. Made with plush applique fangs, this soft and cuddly Boo is ready for Halloween and lift your festive spirit. While chilling on the Boo Bean Bag, you can also have a sip of your drink with this adorable Boo mug matching your bean bag theme. Also, pour your spooky drink into this huge Super Mario Boo Mug and get ready to watch horror movies without pause. This  mug is haunting you or capturing your attention? Don't doubt it is waving its short adorable arms and smiling at you. Where to get Super Mario Boo Mug?

Challenge your knowledge of magic or sci-fi movies

No Invisibility Cloak or Liquid Luck will help you with this game. You will have to use your own knowledge of Harry Potter, have an adventure alone, compete with your opponent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYQAvKKwPGk You will have lots of fun answering 1800 questions based on the film plots in terms of various aspects, such as spell names. Where to get Harry Potter Ultimate Trivial Pursuit?       Do you believe you're truly a biggest fan of Star Wars? To prove it, you can test your Star Wars knowledge with this detailed Star Wars Saga Edition Trivial Pursuit DVD Game. This game has over 2,500 questions, including 1,800 questions on cards, 700 DVD questions. So you will definitely feel challenged enough and see if you are really know Star Wars well. Enjoy it! Where to get Star Wars Ultimate Trivial Pursuit?

Wear chill Halloween costumes to parties

  • Pokémon Halloween Costumes
Pokémon Halloween Costumes - SnorlexPokémon Halloween Costumes - Snorlex We all know you have the struggle of dressing up at Halloween and have to spend much time doing special for this event. So we know you want to  come up with a fancy but simple Halloween costume idea. Take our recommendation for this cute Pokémon Snorlax costume and then you can sleep without worrying about your preparation for Halloween. This kigurumi allows us to dress up as one of the most classic Pokémon, Snorlax. You can roll out of bed in this and go to a Halloween party without wasting your time on thinking of your costume idea. With Snorlax's sleepy face on the hood, you can even sleep in the party when you are done with it. Honestly, your friends should feel grateful you're not getting any drinks and food in the party. Where to get Pokémon Snorlax Kigurumi? Pokémon Halloween Costumes - GengarPokémon Halloween Costumes - GengarPokémon Halloween Costumes - Gengar Photo by ThinkGeek Gengar's toothy grin is always the best expression for a loyal Pokémon fan. It is perfect as a Halloween costume and also good for keeping you warm when it's chilly (when Gengar is around, for instance). This Gengar is not only great for its looks but also literally soft for comfort.
  • Super Mario Halloween Costumes
Super Mario Halloween Costumes - YoshiSuper Mario Halloween Costumes - Yoshi You can not only look nice but also stay warm inside this Yoshi Onesie. Maybe you're used to seeing Yoshi as transportation, but now he can become your comfortable Halloween costume, too. Now you can do your best  to impersonate Yoshi while wearing a onesie. Evem wearing it, you probably still won't be able to have Yoshi's capability of jumping high, but more power to capture others' affection. Where to get Super Mario Yoshi Lounger? Super Mario Halloween Costumes - MarioSuper Mario Halloween Costumes - Mario Or you can choose Super Mario Disguise as your Halloween get-up. It is a fun, vivid, creative design to put you in the world of the Mario. No matter what event you are in at Halloween, this disguise is always good for every occasion! Where to get Super Mario Bros.Mario Adult Costume?
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Watch scariest horror movies

  • Resident Evil
[caption id="attachment_1088" align="alignnone" width="225"] Photo by Google[/caption] A bio-virus has escaped from a secret scientific organization called "The Hive", turning its staff into hungry zombies and releasing the mutated creatures. The military team are assigned to fight their way against zombies, mutants, and the organization's AI computer itself, before the virus escapes and infects the rest of the world.
  • Split
[caption id="attachment_1090" align="alignnone" width="225"] Photo by Google[/caption] Main actor, Kevin, has showed 23 personalities to his trusted psychiatrist. He abducted three teenage girls and struggle for breaking free from all of those personalities inside him as well as people around him.