On January 28, 2019, Nintendo launched update of version 7.0.0. It enables users to play in traditional Chinese. Apart from traditional Chinese, Nintendo also updated Korean and other languages in the system. The official made an announcement on the website:

Nintendo 2019/01/28 announcement

It says "added additional language support to the Home menu for Chinese, Korean, and Taiwanese. Generally, traditional Chinese represents Taiwan's user language in language setting. Even Taiwanese websites or service would not use Taiwanese as a national language. After all, Taiwanese could be a dialect rather than a mother tongue for locals. What the official did caused a quarrel in Chinese forums.

Nintendo was overnight classified as a foreign corporation supporting Taiwan's independence by Chinese netizens. So after learning of Chineses' outrage, the official website immediately corrected its statement:

So what do you think is Taiwan's official language called? Traditional Chinese or Taiwanese?