The Nintendo LABO DIY carton kit that subverted the next-generation console game has been popular in the world since its launche'd in April 2018. Now, Nintendo finally announced that the fourth LABO Toy-Con Set, VR Kit will be released in April. It is time to bring players into the world of VR!

Nintendo Switch VR Kit

This VR Kit comes with six types of VR glasses, birds, rocket launchers, cameras, elephants and blast pedals. Many players are looking forward to how VR apply in Switch.


Toy-Con 01 Variety Kit

Toy-Con 02 Robot Kit

Toy-Con 03 Vehicle Kit

A TV game, but easy-carry around, can play LABO interactive carton, and now added new VR function!? Nintendo switch game not to be wilted by the rise of mobile games, but to kill another blood road in the game market! It becomes the world's best selling game console is not without reason, really only Nintendo can surpass Nintendo!

Source: Nintendo VR Kit

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