A few months ago, Pokemon Let's Go was just released and has become a hit. Thus, many related products are subsequently launched as well. One of the most impressive products is Pokemon shoes customized by NikeiD. Their colors are selected based on Pokemons' skin colors and types.

Pokemon shoes Poliwhirl

Gene Lu and Duncan Hugo design these series of shoes based on Pokemon Go and realize their design on NikeiD. These two designers observe various Pokemon characteristics and apply them to their uniquely designed Nike shoes, which are catered to Pokemon fans. In the meanwhile, they are open to fans' participation in further Pokemon shoe design.

Pokemon Shoes Selection

Pokemon shoes Pikachu

This is one of the most favorable Pokemons on the planet - Pikachu! Seeing this pair of fancy shoes, I cannot help but wear these shoes while playing Let's Go: Pikachu. (Am I little bit too dramatic?) But I genuinely think this is one of the most precious shoes I've ever seen!


Not my favorite... But if you are a big fan of grass type, please take them.


This is definitely for sassy fans. If you are a little passionate or a little bit aggressive, you can have this shoe to further fuel up your momentum for playing Pokemon.


I am not a fan of Squirtle. However, this pair of shoes is so sick! Feel like it could be new fashion in the future. But I hope these shoes are waterproof rather than absorbent as Squirtle does.


??? Are these shoes a little bit too slim, which don't meet my impression for Snorlax? Just kidding! These shoes definitely live up to my expectation of shoe simplicity as if how Snorlax impresses me.

Mr. Mime

So far, the designers have created 99 types of creative Pokemon sneakers. These shoes are not just some kinds of decoration for admiration. They are actually wearable for your foot if you purchase them. So how can I buy them since they are so irresistible? Only if you go to pokeid.tumblr.com to choose the shoe style you like, then it will link to NikeiD official site and make a purchase. (This feature is accessible to the NikeiD countries. Fortunately, it is available for Singapore!)

All images above from pokemonnikeid

Image from NIKEiD

Pokemon big fans, let's go pick up your favorite stylistic Pokemon shoes! And wear them going out to catch your target Pokemons on Pokemon Go!