To our surprise, a phone more expensive than iPhone XR really exists!? We found three of the most extravagant gaming phones in the world, namely ASUS ROG Phone, Xiaomi Black Shark, and Razor Phone,  and would like to compare them together - to see which the best gaming phone in the world is!!! Our selections will factor in:
  • appearances
  • display
  • hardware
  • heat spreading
  • gaming mode
  • audio

Gaming Phone Appearances

  • ROG and Black Shark feature the screen size of 18:9; Razer's screen size is 16:9.
  • Black Shark has a physical button with a fingerprint identity sensor; ROG and Black Shark have virtual buttons.
  • They all have big logos on their phone surfaces. However, only ROG's and Black Shark's logos can shine bright. ROG even features its logo with varied colors when users are playing games. Also, users can set up the default logo color.
  • The X shape on the surface of Black Shark is used as an antenna. It is made of plastics so that it creates less signal disruption.
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Gaming Phone Display

  • ROG and Black Shark both have 6-inch screen, but the former has the higher screen-to-body ratio. Razer's size is only 5.7 inches and its display screen ratio is 16:9, but its resolution is the highest among these three phones and its display quality is more delicate.
  • ROG Phone's AMOLED has quality of high contrast and extreme-black display, while the others are equipped with LCD displays as iPhone XR is.
  • The three phones all have wide-gemut displays. ROG's display gemut is particularly wider, so it is expected to show more colors and shadow in the game.
  • They all support high-dynamic-range imaging(HDR). When the HDR videos or HDR games are displayed, these phones can perfectly show color contrast, exposure latitude, and color difference.
  • ROG Phone features 90Hz refresh rate. Compared with generic phones, it can show more frames per second. Plus, its 1ms pixel response time makes mobile games run smoothly. As for Black Shark, it can remain 60 Hz fresh rate and has an isolated GPU, which can make HDR effects and
  • ROG's and Black Shark's brightness are both 550 nits. The former is installed with AMOLED, so even under a bright light its display is still clear. In contrast, Razer Phone's brightness is not as great as the others.
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Gaming Phone Hardware

  • The ASUS ROG Phone's and the Xiaomi Black Shark's use interface is redesigned according to gaming needs, which is different from ZenUI and MIUI, while the Razor Phone keeps its original design and system. These three gaming phones are equipped with gaming accelerators, such as ROGPhone's X mode and Black Shark's Shark mode. Although the details of setting would be a little bit different, these gaming phones aim to operate with performance cores rather than with efficiency cores. This can prevent gaming phone performance from being negatively affected and boost gaming experience.
  • The difference in the processors is quite obvious. ROG and Black Shark are both installed with 2018 Qualcomm flagship product S845. The former's processor is the version of overclocking, which shows better performance than Black Shark. In contrast, Razer Phone equipped with S835 would not perform as well as the others.
  • In terms of memory, the three gaming phones all have high-end memory cards of 8GB. Besides this advantage, they provide various storage options. ROG's storage can be upgraded to 512GB, whereas Razer offers an option of 64 GB storage and allows memory card extension.
  • As for battery charging, ROG and Razer supports QC4+ fast charging, which provides better charging performance. They are expected to be charged faster than Black Shark.
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Gaming Phone Heat Spreading

There are a fingerprint identity sensor and two vents on the back of ROG. To avoid high phone temperature causing low performance, the design of two vents exhausting heat becomes critical. We would say ROG and Black Shark have well-designed heat sinks. They are made of copper heat spreader and their heat spreading area is larger than most generic phones'. For example, ROG Phone's GameCool system has 16 times the area of the generic phone, which enable its cooling efficiency to grow by 60% and its processor maximum performance's operating time to increase by 500%. Beside this, ROG Phone can be connected with "active heat spreading fan", which speeds up cooling efficiency. All in all, ROG has more delicate heat spreading design.

Gaming Phone Gaming Mode

  • Black Shark has a button of "Shark". When users click onto it, the phone will shift to high-performance gaming mode. Then, the phone will release more memory spaces to gaming programs and it cannot be disrupted even if receiving phone and message.
  • ROG Phone features it AirTrigger, which is an ultrasonic touch sensors. Two of these ultra-responsive sensors are optimized as left and right triggers at the top of the phone frame for a landscape-mode game. They can enable many gaming action: aiming, firing, steering, and navigating, so they provide more flexibility to gaming operation.
  • Also, ROG Phone is famous for its X gaming mode allowing higher performance as a whole and reducing disruption.

Gaming Phone Sound

  • They all have stereo speakers. ROG's and Razer Phone's speakers are on the front, while Black Shark' are located at the receiver and at the bottom. Their volume speakers would be not bad.
  • ROG Phone has a 3.5 mm jack.
  • The high-resolution audio output is supported by ROG and Razer Phone. ROG can even deliver vivid 3D audio tailored for every kind of games
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