Every hunter of "MHW" Monster Hunter World must be looking forward to the large paid DLC "Iceborne", which is expected to be updated this fall, to hunt new monsters on the snow mountain map! While waiting for the DLC update, Capcom has also launched a series of new monster hunter merchandise! Let take a look!

CFB Creators Model Steel Dragon Kusara Daora

Monster Hunter World
Monster Hunter World

When the steel dragon model was launched in November 2015, it was highly praised by many fans. This time the steel dragon was re-enacted, the size is the same as that of the original, and the details are processed more carefully to create the unique metallic luster of the steel dragon. Currently, Japan's Capcom online store is started pre-sale, and expected to ship 2019/8/29.

Dimensions: approx. H320 x W 260 x D 230 mm (including base section)

CFB Monster Hunter Standard Model Plus Vol.13 (6 Pieces)

Monster Hunter World

This box is themed on the popular ancient dragon monsters, including Kulve Taroth, Kushala Daora, Nergigante, Teostra, Lunastra, and Xeno'jiiva (Rage Mode).

Model size: height is about 100-150mm
Base size: about 75.5 to 87mm (hexagon)

CFB Monster Hunter Standard Model Plus Vol.14 (6 Pieces)

Monster Hunter World

Volume 14 includes Bazelgeuse (red-hot), Lavasioth, Radobaan, Battle King Nergigante, and a secret monster. Started pre-order and expected to ship on 2019/9/3.

Model size: height about 100-150mm
Base size: about 75.5 to 87mm (hexagon)

Monster Hunter World ICEBORNE Master Edition

Monster Hunter World

The focus of this DLC update is to add new maps, gameplay, and new monsters that hunters are looking forward to. Capcom also introduces a physical collector's edition of merchandise for players who like to collect! Cool stuff always such as statue holder, in-game costumes, equipment-qualified specials, and the pendant of the ice dragon.

Monster Hunter World x "ispack" Premium Mark II

Monster Hunter World

This backpack chair is a collaboration between the ispack and the Monster Hunter World, and can already be booked at e-Capcom!

This backpack is made of a large amount of canvas material and Italian leather, you can see the big Monsters Hunter World: ICEBORNE leather embossed LOGO in front. The small folding stool frame attached to the bag is made of aluminum, which is very light and can withstand about 100kg. It is very convenient when traveling outdoors.


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