Changing a baby's diaper requires learning. It usually drives new parents crazy. But don't worry. I will introduce maternal technology Monit to help parents detect diaper condition at any time so that the baby's skin becomes as delicate as ever.

Newborn babies have a small amount of urine each time, but the number of times is up to 20-30 times per day. Generally, you don't need to change the diaper for a newborn baby every time. The baby is easy to get cold, so parents can change it every 3-4 hours. However, the demand for a replacement for newborn babies is still relatively large. As the baby grows up, the number of replacements can be gradually reduced, from an average of 10 times per day to 6-8 times. Some parents may think that changing diapers is not stressful, but in fact, urine is very irritating to the baby's skin. If the diaper is not replaced in time, the sensitive skin will be congested with blood, the skin will get rash. In severe cases, the skin may become also rot, ulcer, and peeling.


When to change a diaper?

  • Whenever diapers are dirty or wet, they should be replaced in time. Otherwise, babies would easily get diaper rash.
  • In the morning when a baby wakes up, the first thing parents should do is to check if diapers are dry and wet. After a night, a baby always wets its diaper and parents need to change it in time.
  • When a baby is crying, the parents should check its diaper.




Monit is a Korean startup that is an incubator for the SkyDeck incubator at the University of California, Berkeley. The company has two products: Monit diaper sensor and a baby carrier,

Monit diaper sensor has the following features:

Sensor: the smart sensor is equipped with a Bluetooth device. It can be attached to the outside of the diaper to detect the humidity of the diaper. And can send a notification to the smartphone to remind you that the diaper should be replaced.

Air quality monitoring: the air quality monitoring function detects temperature, humidity, and harmful substances, ensuring that your baby always breathes fresh air.

Night light: MONIT's soft light helps your baby sleep better, with a simple touch to adjust its brightness.

Real-time updates: MONIT sensors synchronize all information in real time via a digital application, with up to 5 users accessing information and receiving notifications simultaneously.


Monit Review

At present, there are few reviews of Monit on the Internet. However, I found an introductory video of Monit at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show.

This article is credited to our Hong Kong blogger Emma Lin

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