Wireless charging technology is booming now. With the prosperity of smartphones, the needs of charging phones are catching charging device manufacturer's eyes. For a ACG fan like me, satisfying your needs of charger and of being immersed in ACG plots would be the best! So I would like to introduce the most symbolic ACG electronic gadget - Magic Circle Charger. You can use your magic to control and power your phone! https://twitter.com/6sec_shop/status/1045495230760288256 [Read more] More Expensive Than iPhone XR – Gaming Phone Collection I want to buy it! When the Magic Circle Charger shines, it brings back my reminiscence about Fullmental Alchemist. charger as Fullmental Alchemist shows Or recall Dark Magician's spell from Yugioh? charger as Yugioh shows This product is from 6sec_shop and was posted on Twitter and YouTube creating a huge buzz. When you lay your phone on the Magical Circle Charger, it cannot only charge your phone, but also send out a beam of magical light! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jd87hILOxo So where can we buy it? Unfortunately, this product was virtually created by Japan's Chocolate-inc. studio. As you can see, the light shown in the video was made by computer-generated imagery. So this is a teaser trailer. So sorry guys! If this product can be commercialized, we, as a ACG fan, definitely rush to buy it to satisfy our childlike dreams.