One is never over-dressed or underdressed with Little Black Dresses.” These famous words of Karl Lagerfeld portrayed the most classic fashion statement that’s timeless throughout the years 👉 the Little Black Dress, a.k.a LBD.

Made popular by Coco Chanel back in the mid-1920s, the LBD is a timeless fashion concept that’s widely popular until today! Be it a casual ‘lepak’ session or formal meetings, an LBD will always be suitable. Here are some of the most stylish little black dresses for your everyday looks 🖤

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Calvin Klein’s Round Neck Fit and Flare Dress

You can never go wrong with Calvin Klein’s collection of elegant LBDs. This style is great for ladies who have a day filled with events from morning till night. Poised and professional for office in the day, it’s also sexy and alluring for a night out with the girls for some wine!

All you need is a pair of simple black stilettos and you’re ready to rock the town!

Laorchid’s Lace Princess Dress

princess dress

If CK’s off-shoulder dress is a little too simple, try going for a ‘princess’ inspired off-shoulder dress. With its ‘A-line’ cut, LBD will accentuate the hips while flattering the waistline! The lace details give a seductive flair to this sweet-looking dress as well.

Belle Poque’s Vintage High-Neck Sheer Bodice Lace Dress

little black dresses

Are you a fan of all things vintage? Then this ‘Victorian’ inspired LBD is made for you. This uniquely designed piece will be perfect for occasions which you want to ‘wow’ people - engagement parties, company dinner, or even meeting your future in-laws for the first time!

Vincenza’s Black Bodycon Sleeveless Dress

Who says office wear has to be button shirts and drab-looking skirts/pants? Spice up your office look with this BOLD piece! No one’s going to ask who’s the boss when you’re around… they’ll know you’re the BOSS when they see you 😉  

Be a #girlboss with this LBD here (there are price comparisons too)!

Bqueen’s Spaghetti Strap Bodycon Bandage Dress

bandage dress

A plain LBD without any print or pattern like this might seem ‘boring’... but it’s actually one of the most flattering dresses in this list!

Literally ‘wrapping’ yourself with this simple ‘bandage’ dress, your beautiful body curves will be brought out in the most flattering ways! If you’re going to a party to make people jealous, go for this 😉

Make heads turn wherever you go, get it here with the best offer.

Fashion Star’s Midi Ruched Bodycon Dress

midi ruched bodycon dress

‘Turtle neck’ collar is another classic fashion statement that will never go out of style! Just like the bandage dress above, this LBD will accentuate your curves in the best ways! Made with cotton ‘Polo’ fabric, it’s also very comfortable and breathable.  

Roman’s Hanky Hem Fit and Flare Contrast Dress

flare contrast dress

The selection above is a little too plain and… tight for your comfort?

We totally understand - some of us just want to move freely! This demure LBD is so flowy and light, it will allow you to have fun without worries 👯

Aofur’s Tunic Top Dress

You want your LBD to be flowy and comfy, yet sexy and eye-catching?

This is just for you! Made with sheer chiffon, it shows just enough skin to make a statement of boldness. The lace details on this dress are also impeccable!

Bebe’s Sequin T-Shirt Dress


So you like to have MORE sequins? Here’s an LBD made with FULL sequins. Don’t worry about the comfort level too, as the inside of the dress is made with soft fabric - ensuring that you can still sit or move around with comfort without sequins poking you!

Angashion’s Midi Skater Dress

little black dresses

For a normal ‘lepak’ session with the gang, no need to dress up too fancy! A comfortable skater dress like this will be the best option.

With added pockets for comfort and convenience, this handy LBD is perfect for hang-out sessions at the mamak, kopitiam, or even pasar malam dates!

Adidas Women's 3 Stripes Dress

adidas little black dresses

Perhaps you prefer something a little more sporty for casual ‘lepak’ sessions? This LBD made from stretchy, jersey material will be one of the most comfortable dresses you’ll have! No need to worry about sweating too, as it’s really cooling and light.

Buy this Adidas LBD for lower prices here!

Little Black Dresses will always be a classic - be it for casual or formal occasions. We hope that you liked our selection for your everyday looks! Share it with your gal pals and sisters who’d love these too.

Wait… Still not a fan of black? Get outta here!

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