Nothing completes a makeup or an outfit better than a touch of colour on the lips. When it comes to lip colour, lipstick and lip gloss are essential products - but which one to use and why?

Here is a list of pro and cons with recommended products (as well as price comparisons)! Let the ‘smackdown’ begin 💋💄


Lipstick is the ultimate classic, and almost every woman we know had own at least one! Lipstick is known for adding a pop of colour to your makeup since it comes in a variety of shades; from neutral tones to eye-popping colours!

Let’s look at the pros and cons in detail, to see if a lipstick is what you need:


✅ The lipstick offers a wider array of colours and finishes to choose from.

✅ Colours and texture of lipstick are more intense - hence when it comes to showing off a bold pair of red lips, lipstick is what you’d go for!

✅ It was found by researchers that, women who regularly wear lipstick have better posture than those who don't - as far as improving balance and coordination and thereby makes you stand taller!


❎ Depending on the brand, most lipsticks tend to come off easily - especially when you’re eating or drinking. Unless you keep doing this…

❎ If you’re not careful, you’ll also get lipstick on your teeth - oh, the embarrassment!

Recommended Lipsticks (with price comparisons)

With that, here are some of the best-selling lipsticks right now. Let’s see if any of them catches your eye… wait, we mean lips!

Estee Lauder’s Pure Colour Long Lasting Lipstick has the satin shine finish that will light up your face. This exclusive travel set contains three lipsticks of the most popular colours: Candy, Fig and Blushing.

With a slightly sweet scent, these lipsticks are known to be long-wearing and deliver maximum colour. They’re also moisturising, keeping your lips soft and supple with Vitamins C and E.

There’s one unfortunate news though - it’s not available in Malaysia! But no worries, you can still buy this lipstick set.

If you’re a person who loves surprises… Kailijiumei Flower Jelly Lipstick is what you need! These jelly lipsticks change colours according to your lips' temperature! Imagine being in an air-cond room vs. walking by the beach… you’ll have different lip colours in just one lipstick!

Watch the video review below for yourself to believe it:

Amazing isn’t? It’s available in Kailijiumei’s official store but did you know that you can get the same set here for even lower prices? PS: It’s up to RM100 difference!


Started out in the 90s as a fashion trend, lip gloss has made a comeback - mostly thanks to Ariana Grande’s music videos. True enough, lip gloss adds instant shine and gives your makeup that finishing touch of a diva!

Let’s dive deeper into the pros and cons of these shiny babies:


✅ Lip gloss makes your lips appear moist and plump. It’s like an instant lip ‘filler’ without injections.

✅ Lip gloss has a long-lasting shiny and ‘wet’ formula, which also makes it naturally moisturising for the lips.

✅ Lip gloss is easy to apply and it’s less likely to come off.


❎ It’s nice to have your hair blowing in the wind… until it gets stuck onto your sticky lip gloss.

❎ As compared to lipstick, lip gloss comes in lesser colour options and is also less ‘vibrant’ on the lips.

Recommended Lip Gloss (with price comparisons)

Moschino + Sephora Bear Lip Gloss Chain is an adorable set in six shades! As you can see, it comes with a cute bear that’s actually plated in 24K of pure gold. Curious about the colours?

Here’s a video that will show you this set of colours in detail (including the cute bear!):

Though this cute set of lip gloss is not available locally anymore, you can actually get it here!

If you’re going for a party or any other event that you wish to ‘outshine’ the rest… here’s a lip gloss made for you. Maybelline Lip Studio Glitter Fix Glitter Lip Gloss (Spell Struck) is one of the shiniest formulae for a lip gloss, as you can see from the close-up below. Imagine it on your lips!

This may not be available anywhere else in Malaysia! But it is available in Comparee now!

▶ What’s our verdict? Lipstick is more suitable for minimal eye makeup looks, where you want your lip colour to ‘pop’ out. Also, it keeps your makeup looking balanced. You don’t want to have too many ‘popping’ colours on your face too, as you might end up looking like a clown 🤡  

Since lipstick is more pigmented as compared to a gloss, it’s more suitable for light makeup that’s polished or an elegant yet sexy look.

When it comes to lip gloss, it offers a more subtle option in comparison to lipstick. As opposed to lipstick, lip gloss is a must when you have colourful eye makeup.

So which do you prefer, lipstick or lip gloss? Our advice is... why not both? There is always room for different makeup looks for each day of the week!

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