Most of us have been spending the Raya holidays bingeing on cookies, lemang, rendang, and so much more! As a result, we can’t fit all our jeans anymore! No worries, here’s a compilation of the best tips to lose those post-Raya calories. With these, you’ll be back in your skinny jeans in no time. Now let’s get started… 3… 2… 1… go! 🏋️‍♀️🏃🚴‍♀️🧘‍♂️


If you’ve watched Marvel’s Spiderman, you’ll see that Marisa Tomei is the most gorgeous ‘aunty’ around! Her secret to looking so good? HULA HOOPING. This makes sense, as researchers found that hula hooping burns around 7 calories per minute!


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One of the fastest ways to burn calories is through cardio activities. If you’re not used to vigorous cardio routines, start with pedaling! It was proven that biking for an hour will burn between 450 to 750 calories (depending on your speed).

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post-Raya calories

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core max

Another key factor in weight loss, is building muscle mass. It’s because muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue does. Since we’re targeting to fit into our skinny jeans, go for ab crunches!

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post-Raya calories

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post-Raya calories

Don’t have the time to workout due to your busy schedule? Then try gaining muscles while working! This board works your core muscles by creating low-impact movements that engage muscles in the back, core, legs, and ankles – all can be done while you’re doing work at the same time.

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According to Harvard Health Publications, 30 minutes of yoga burns about 120 calories if you weigh about 55 kilos; and up to 178 calories if you weigh around 80 kilos.

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exercise ball

It’s also important to tone up while losing the post-Raya calories! Exercise ball is one of the quickest tools to tone yourself from head to toe 👉 including abs, arms, butt, thighs, and also improve your balancing skills!

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Water is helpful for weight loss, as it’s 100% calorie-free and may even suppress our appetite before meals! Finding it difficult to keep track of how much water to drink? This cute bottle with measurements and goals will be helpful!

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post-Raya calories

Good old advice – eat clean food that has less sugar, less grease, less processed ingredients, and food portion should be kept to a moderation. You’ll see your waistline shrink in no time!

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vegatable cutting machine

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post-Raya calories

It’s always important to keep track of our diet progress, to make sure that we’ve reached our goals – lose the post-Raya calories! Bauer’s Professional Digital Body Fat Analyser Scale provides a detailed analysis of weight, body fat and muscle mass (BMI). It also reports our body’s water ratio and bone mass.

. Bauer’s Professional Digital Body Fat Analyser Scale provides a detailed analysis of weight, body fat and muscle mass (BMI). It also reports our body’s water ratio and bone mass.

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sleeping beauty

Did you know that, sleep deprivation will lead to weight gain? This explains why Sleeping Beauty is so slim! 🤔

Researchers found that sleep deprivation causes our body to produce more ‘hungry’ hormones – which tells our body that we’re hungry all the time even though we’re actually not! Therefore, people with sleep deprivation will have more trouble losing weight than those who get enough sleep, even if they’re following the same workout regime and diet.

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▶ As much as we wish to lose a few inches, it’s also important to focus on nourishing our body instead of depriving it. If the weight loss result is taking longer than usual, it’s okay because not all bodies are the same – just be consistent and in time you’ll see results.

Remember, health comes before numbers on a weighing scale! All the best 💪

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