What is this shining trash bin? This is a 4K UHD LG HU80KA smart home projector. Generally, owning a projector can give you a lot of fun and allows you to enjoy a wonderful visual effect as you do in the movie theater. However, it has a drawback. You have to use it in the dark room. has an independent audio system, and project it on the clean wall.

But LG HU80KA projector avoids these nuisances. Its 4K resolution provides an experience that you can watch films as if you are in the theater. Also, you don't have to install any media content when the first time you use it, which is not like usual projectors.


LG HU80KA Features

LG HU80KA doesnt' look like a usual projector. It looks like rectangle charcoal or a small trash bin.

On the top of the projector is a pop-up mirror helping visuals projected to different directions.

4K Resolution

Its resolution is 8.3 million pixels (3840 x 2160). Even though the projected visual size is 12 inches, it is still clear. LG HU80KA's 4K resolution is impeccably delicate providing a fine atmosphere for the household theater.

150" Screen Size

LG HU80KA can project visuals on a wall or ceiling whose diagonal is 150" at length. This size can really allow the audience to watch a movie on the large screen as they do in the movie theater.

2500 Lumens Brightness

No matter you watch a movie in the daytime or at night, its 2500 lumens brightness can allow the audience to watch films in the environment with any brightness.


It supports high-dynamic-range videos and TV programs and projects more detailed colors and brightness to make figures in the movie vivid.

Smart TV

LG streaming media contents are exclusive on its smart TV series. They offer abundant and exciting high-class films and TV programs. LG HU80KA is installed with this service so you can enjoy a wide range of programs with this high-end projector.

20000 Hours

The energy-saving laser device equipped in the projector can render large images clearer. No change in its light bulb is promised until it is used for 20000 hours.


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