People spend one-third of time sleeping and some people fall onto the bed as soon as they return home from the office or school. People also like to stay at home on weekends, watch soap operas, and play mobile games on the bed. But do you know when you lie on the bed, it has many mites crawling around you?

Singapore is very humid and there is a lot of thunder and rain. If your skin is sensitive, you could get rash on your hands. In this case, it is likely that a mite in the sheet is the cause.

Mites prefer a moist, warm, cotton-wool environment. There is an old saying: three months without drying the quilt, six million mites accompany you in sleep.

How to get rid of mites?

  1. Dry your quilt and sheet as often as you can
    As we mentioned, mites don't like a dry environment because it is not a comfortable place to stay in. The first step to expel mites is to destroy his living place so that they can't survive.
  2. Keep your room dry
    Another way is to install a dehumidifier into your room so that mites will not stay in your room because they hate dryness.
  3. Dust Mite Vacuums save your ass
    This magical appliance can quickly detect dust mites and help you effectively get rid of dust mites. I would say it is a better solution for lazy people compared with the above ways.

IRIS Vacuum

Japan is famous for manufacturing practical and aesthetic dust mite vacuums. Let me introduce the Japanese IRIS mite vacuum. It was awarded the 2018 must-buy household appliance. In the first year of its launch, its sales volume will exceed 300,000 units.

Light weight, strong suction

IRIS Vacuum 1

IRIS is a lightweight vacuum cleaner with a weight of 1.6kg but a very strong suction. A cyclone airflow is generated inside the vacuum cleaner to absorb dust, and the dust can be removed by more than 98% in 3 minutes. Moreover, its agitator can shake and release dust mites from mattresses so strongly that the dust and mites in the quilt will be sucked out, and its high-frequency vibration reaches 6,000 times per minute.

Warm wind, effective eradication of dust mites

IRIS Vacuum 2

IRIS dust mite vacuum can send out hot air while vacuuming and heat the bedding to effectively eradicate the reproduction of mites and improve the sleeping environment.

Visualization of mite removal

IRIS Vacuum 3

Since a mite is a microorganism that is invisible to the naked eye, we cannot tell if dust mite vacuum really works or not. However, IRIS is equipped with a three-color dust mite sensor. The red light indicates that in the place are more mites, and the green light indicates that the bedding and quilt are clean.

Easy to use, easy to clean

IRIS Vacuum 4

The IRIS mite vacuum is equipped with a large suction head that is 200mm at length. When cleaning the mattress, you only need to push it back and forward for 10s and then finish cleaning it within 5 minutes. Both the filter and the dust box are removable and can be cleaned with water so there is no need to purchase a new filter.

Cheaper to get it from abroad

IRIS Vacuum 6

Its overseas price including postage is still 30% cheaper than the price in Singapore.