The price of a basic graphics tablet is often around 100 SGD, but that of a high-level graphics tablet costs about 1000 SGD. Although buying a graphics tablet is a huge investment, high-quality graphics can last for years.

Buying a graphics tablet takes many factors into account:

  • tablet size
  • pen weight
  • pen sensitivity
  • driver support

Let me use a comparison example of Huion H420 vs. Wacom CTL480 to teach you how to correctly choose a graphics tablet that suits your needs.

Tablet size

Huion H420 vs Wacom CTL480 size

The size of Huion H420 is significantly smaller than Wacom CTL480. Huion 420 tablet has a small and matte surface, which takes time smoothening it and make it better for gameplay. In contrast, CTL480 pretty much has a perfect dimension and area of a tablet to satisfy every user's need. And I think it is more responsive than Huion H420.

Pen weight - Wacom wins

Huion H420 vs Wacom CTL480 pen weight

Huion H420's pen is really fat and heavy. It requires a battery.

Huion H420 vs Wacom CTL480 pen weight 2

Wacom CTL480 has an extremely light, small, and comfortable pen. It does not need a battery or recharging.

Pen Sensitivity - Huion H420 wins

Huion H420 has 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, which is advantageous for digital artists and painters, while Wacom CTL480 has only 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Generally, 1024-level graphics tablet is great enough to express drawing strokes for beginners. Advanced users or users who are highly concerned with responsiveness will prefer a tablet with 2048 levels.

Driver support - Wacom wins

Wacom has a holistic mechanism for driver support. Even Intuos 1 (RS232) bought 8 years ago can be downloaded on the official site. CTL480 appears snappy with the latest driver.

Huion H420's driver is kind of awful with less support. But you can attain another driver called TabletGUI, which works much better.

Huion 420Wacom Intuos Pen Small
Resolution4000 lpi2540 lpi
Active area4" x 2.23"6" x 3.7"
Report rate200 pps133 pps
Pressure level20481024
Pen modelP68CTL-480
Dimensions177 x 112 x 8 mm210 x 178 x 10 mm

So the winner is...

Depends on your usage. If you use a graphics tablet to play a game, such as OSU, Wacom CTL480 is definitely better because its movement is much more snappy and fast, and I can literally feel it responds much faster. But if you prefer drawing with your graphics tablet to playing a game with it, the Huion H420 appears a more reasonable option. That is not due to the fact that it is not much worse than CTL480 for playing a game, but due to its advancement for drawing, to some extent.