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Can read product information on CompareeCan make payments with checkout methods supported by CompareeMerchants provide international shipping service to your local country
Merchant (Direct Shipping)
Comparee Buy For You
Comparee Buy For You

Know more about purchasing process:

(Direct Shipping)
Parcel Forwarder
(Ship For You)
(Buy For You)
Product OriginMerchant offersMerchant offers Merchant offers
PriceMerchant listed priceMerchant listed price Real-time quotation
Purchase ProcessCheckout at merchant website or mobile appCheckout at merchant website or mobile app Checkout at Comparee
Check if merchant can ship internationalRegister account with parcel forwardersPay 50% deposit
Input international address
(your address)
Input domestic address
(provided by forwarders)
Comparee will notify you upon shipment arrival
Order confirmationInform forwarder of order details
Track shipment status with merchantForwarder will contact you upon shipment arrival, and collect outstanding balance
Paid to merchant
(Might not include tax & duties)
Domestic: Paid to merchant (if applicable)
International: Paid to forwarder
Paid to Comparee (All-in cost)
TutorialHow to buy from merchant?*linkHow to use parcel forwarders?*linkContact Us *link
*Simply send us the link of the product with your shipping detail*

4. Delivery tracking
Tracking your delivery status according to your selected purchasing way

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