Congratulations! If you’re reading this, there could be a chance for you to be part of a bridal team. Because what you are about to read would truly prepare you to organize an awesome Bachelorette Party. 

A bachelorette party (also known as Hen Party) is usually organized by the friends of the bride-to-be, and it is all about making the bride-to-be feel special, and to celebrate her last days of singlehood before becoming a wife. So, if you’re thinking of organizing one soon, we got some ideas for you. 

Bachelorette Party

1.Choose a theme for the party

There are lots of creativity that can be expressed depending on the theme you choose. So, you need to think of a suitable theme that the bride would love! Are you going for an all pink pyjamas theme? Glamorous night? Baliness style? The list is endless!

priyanka chopra Bachelorette Party
Pink Pyjamas Theme Party of Former Miss World and Quantico star, Priyanka Chopra

2.Send invitation cards to the girls! 

We know it’s common to send Invitations via Facebook or Instagram; but sending a physical invitation card will add a personal touch. So be sure to gather the girls and give them the special invitation! Don’t forget to invite the bride too. 

If you are looking for a versatile card that could be practical for more than one event, you can go for this amazing premium designer cards that are easy to write on. It can be used for many functions like dinner events, anniversaries or birthday events. Please note the envelopes are NOT INCLUDED, but easily fit any of A7 envelope.

Bachelorette Party

If you are looking for something classy and luxurious, we highly recommend these diamond gloss invitation cards. The cards come with envelopes, and the inner page is blank, you can print your own text, design or photo on the inner sheet by yourself.

Bachelorette Party

3. Don’t forget the props and decorations!

A bachelorette party isn’t complete without the props and decorations, because there will be lots of pictures taken as memories! So here are some of the props that you should get.

Decorations kit

Decoration kits are great to get most of the stuff you need to make a party fun. Instead of making them yourself, you can buy them online and that will save you a lot of time. You can get a set of decoration kit that includes a veil, Bride-to-Be sash, 12 custom tattoos, Miss to Mrs banner, glitter confetti, diamond engagement ring and 12 pearl balloons.

Bachelorette Party

Feathery Boas 

Bringing the bride out for a party? Get ready to paint the town red by looking glamorous in this feathery boas. Boas are perfect to add a Hollywood touch to your outfit, you can pair it with a pair of sunglasses for the extra wow effect!

Bachelorette Party

Vintage Selfie Photo Booth Sign

Brighten up your photo booth with this table sign! How else would the attendees know where to pose and dress up? This chalkboard effect sign by Purple Scrunch is a perfect photo booth for parties. Each sign is printed onto an aluminium plaque for a vintage effect and comes in two sizes; A5 or A4. Please note that it is not a real chalkboard.  

Bachelorette Party

4. Plan some games

As adults who work 5 days a week, we are in need of releasing the work stress through laughter and joy, and playing games does that! You can organize a classic beer pong game that would be great to keep the fun going. If you want to make the game more exciting, prepare different flavors of drinks for each cup! It will be great humor for everyone! 


If you would like to have more good laughs, you can play a card game together. Freedom of Speech is a hilarious card game from the U.S that guarantees humor and good laughter. The card comes with 400 cards, each containing a bizarre and silly word, a timer and instructions. We won’t say much here, but will leave it to you to explore the fun. :DD

Note: This card game is NSFW. 

freedom of speech

Add special touches

Some additions make seem small, but it will definitely be the talk of the party. Prepare gifts for the ladies your guests like these gold reusable metal straws shows your commitment to reducing waste and protect the environment. The bride would be very happy that you support the movement at her party. This set of reusable stainless steel straws are anti-rust, BPA free and FDA-approved. 


And the most important of all, create memories! 

Having fun is important, but it would be better to capture them. The Fujifilm Instax with internal memory can capture up to 50 pictures, it also includes a motion-capture mode for up to 15s video clips. Today is a picture, tomorrow is a precious memory, this instant camera is a must-have for the special party.  


That’s all for how to throw an awesome bachelorette party, we hope you have a good time planning it and good luck! 

Guest Post by Ezreena
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