The prioritization of considerations is storage, brand, usage, warranty. ease of repair, and price. Price is my last concern, but however, most consumers generally regard price and storage as their top priority.

HDD Storage

Generally, HDD storage is 1 or 2 TB. (at least 1 TB) The more hard disk storage does not mean a correct choice. It always depends on your actual needs.  In the market there is 6 TB HDD. But do you really need it? If you spend all the day long download videos and do not delete any file, 6 TB is not even enough for you. My thought is 1 that 1 TB is enough. Unless you indeed have plenty of data, you can choose 2 TB. (2 TB is absolutely enough unless you have high demand for video and music files.) If your data is really important, I suggest have two hard drives to separate risks. One is main hard disk for daily use. The other is back-up hard disk.

HDD Brand

Which brand's product performs better? Failure rate is always the first consideration. In my experience, Seagate tends to impress me with its low failure rate. So it would be a brilliant choice.
  • WD
There are three versions of consumer hard disks, including Blue, Black, and Green. WD Green has a bad reputation and is already merged into the product line of WD Blue 2T(above). There are business or special versions, such as Gold(business), Red(NAS), and Purple(surveillance).
  • Seagate
Its consumer HDD includes BarraCuda and FireCuda, which is SSHD. Other versions for corporation or special usage includes IronWolf(NAS),  SkyHawk(surveillance), Exos™ E(business).
  • Toshiba
  • HGST (subsidiary of WD, descendant of Hitachi acquired by WD)
It is build for business usage.

HDD Usage

  1. For home (three-year warranty): it is usually equipped in personal computers.
  2. For business (five-year warranty): its advantages are five-year warranty and better manufacturing ingredients.
  3. For surveillance (three-year warranty)
  4. For NAS (three-year warranty): it is designed for network attached storage.

HDD Warranty & Repair

Simply speaking, most hard disks have three-year warranty, while those for business have five-year warranty. HDD warranty only covers your hard drive rather than its data. So you have to back up your data on a regular basis. Normally,