At the end of the year, there is a must-do for the planner lover —— to pick the new & perfect planner for the brand new year! Planner is your whole year partner, the choosing process can't be sloppy. From the size, design, internal page layout to its appendix types, etc., are all in consideration.

Some people may say that mobile phone is good enough to schedule your time and record your daily idea, why do you need another one which in pen and paper term? New York Times has mentioned one Yale psychologist's word: “With handwriting, the very act of putting it down forces you to focus on what’s important.” No matter how convenient the mobile phone is, people who are accustomed to writing and keeping a journal still feel that the handwritten is a more raw and authentic experience. For who haven't started planning and journaling yet, try once! And you will have the benefit.

Q: Why do I need a planner?

  • Manage your goal
    Spending 10 minutes every night or morning to plan your new day's itinerary, work tasks or study plans with your planner. It doesn't take much time but it will make you more organized and efficient throughout the day.
  • Record your past
    Some people use their planner as diaries, recording the bits and pieces of life. Meanwhile, they will write with different colour pencil, design with stickers or draw a cute illustration. When looking at it after a few years, the memorable scenes reappear in mind.
  • Gain positive energy
    The things recorded by your sturdy hands and the sly pen will be stored deeper in your brain than recorded by your smart device. So when you record and remember the cheerful things of the day, it helps to stay motivated and you can easily gain positive energy. Become a "happy person"! (It is based on scientific basis, give it a try!)


If you want to plan your good life in 2019 in advance, the most important thing is to get started with a perfect planner that suits you! But somehow you will have a confused question below:

Q: Is it suitable for me to use a planner?

Yes, when you ...

  • Want to make a change, get rid of confused and no goal's life
  • Always determined, but there has been no action
  • Very busy, want to live more efficiently and effectively, and maintain a positive life.
  • Like recording, like to draw, like to make some beautiful handwork
  • Love life, cherish life, be lucky, want to give life a little more sense of ritual...

If you are in the above status, then the planner will definitely be a good partner in your life!

Q: How to choose the right planner?

You may not know exactly what kind of planner you are suitable for... And you know that the planner is not the same as the clothes, there is no way to buy it and then change it every day, right? Why not you just take a test based on your behaviour, it will tell you which planner is going to fit you best!


Alright, seem like you already know yourself better after the test. Here to show you all the different types of planners and give you the planner suggestion with the pros and cons!

Monthly Planner


Monthly planners are just one-month calendars, with little blank space each day for you to write down your appointments, important events or other tasks. You can have a perfect overview over your upcoming month, your plan can be seen at a glance, suitable for you with long-term plans in the future. And it's fewer pages design also make it portable and easy to carry around.

However, the con is you don’t have a lot of space to journaling or to make a very detailed planning. So here is a tip for you! Using simple notations or abbreviations can make your monthly planner clear and neat.

Recommended Monthly Planner:
CHALKBOY ---Experience the art of chalkboard writing from Japan!


Weekly Planner

Weekly planners have 7 columns in one or two pages either in vertical or horizontal layout. It is designed for you to write down the weekly itinerary plan and actual execution status in a streamlined approach. Weekend column is used to write a full week's review and the next plan, which will improve the efficiency of the next week's work. By the way, it can be used to write weekly weather forecasts, horoscopes, and weight loss plans too, be creative! But as you know, a weekly planner may also get heavy to lug around depends on its size.

Double Pages Weekly Planner

You can see your plan that needs to get done for an entire week all at once, without having to flip back and forth between pages. But for exchange, you might not have enough space for you to record more, so single page weekly planner mention below may be a solution.

Single Page Weekly Planner


If you have a lot of projects and things to plan, then a single page weekly planner with a blank page beside would be suited to you as you can elaborate more and write down more planning detail.

Recommended Weekly Planner:
Traveler's Notebook---Known for its pure leather material cover that increases taste and its wide choice of inserts.

TRAVELER'S notebook (Double pages)


TRAVELER'S notebook (Single page)


You can customize your planner with it Customize Sticker Set too!


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Daily Planner


Daily planners leave plenty of room for notes, time schedules, possibly even space for drawings, you don’t feel like you need to cram things in. In addition to writing down every detail to keep you on track, you can also be an artist and paint on it!

But the con is you may lose sight of the bigger picture because everything is so spread out that you need to flip back and forth a lot to see all your plans. They can get bulky for no doubt because you are carrying more pages. So, the daily planner is suited for you if you don’t care if your planner is thick or you don't think to carry it around.

Recommended Daily Planner:
Himekuri ---Popular post-it calendar from Japan! Stick it on a plain notebook and start designing your DIY daily planner!


Timeline Planner


The timeline planners are usually vertical and listed in one hour by one hour, that can be used to record the entire daily schedule. It is strongly recommended for office persons or students who have tight schedules, timeline planner definitely is a useful tool to manage the packed time.

Some people use the timeline to record the life of the day too, mean to write a diary. When they look back, they will know what they have done in that hour of that day. If you are a person who always travels abroad, it can also be used as an itinerary planning!

Recommended Timeline Planner:
MIDORI---Have a nice mood to see gradient colors of sunrise to sunset every day.


What is your favourite planner?  We all know that it is difficult to choose a suitable planner, wish you can get your favourite's one!!