When purchasing goods online you may be bombarded by a huge selection of items, prices, services and more and it can become rather overwhelming. Some sites offer coupons, some offer promotions, some offer one day deals, some offer seasonal or holiday specials and on and on. How do you make sure that you have access to the best offers and best value for money? No one has time to go and check on every single deal there is and investigate the product being offered and compare it across a number of sites. This is why you need to look as some of the tools available to make your online shopping experience simpler and better.

Let's take a look at some of these tools features

Most of the tools are linked to a specific operating system or internet service but the good news is that you are likely to find one to suit your specific needs, no matter your choice of operating system, PC or mobile device and browser. There are chrome extensions that builds up a wish list for you linked to any site or sites you want. This allows you to keep track of the items you want to buy and where you found it, making later purchases a lot simpler. Some browsers offer it as an extension while others offer it as a toolbar.

The best tools for the smart shoppers:

Invisible hand : This tool will show you the lowest price on any item that you happen to be viewing at the time. This specific tool has links to more than 200 retailers in Germany, USA and UK and it notifies you if the item you are looking at on one site is available cheaper on another site. It even allows you to look at travel costs and airline tickets to ensure you get a good deal. Chrome Ebay extension : This tool is specifically linked to eBay and helps you keep track on your items if you are selling as well as the auctions you may be bidding on. It saves your searches and allows you to save sellers as well. This extension also allows you to bid on items that are still active without going through the eBay specific login. Price Blink : This tool supports more than 3000 merchants globally and allows you to find the cheapest deal on any items you may be looking at on the different suppliers websites. In addition, this tool also shows you shipping codes and coupon codes for the specific retailer page that you may be on to allow you to save as much as possible when you purchase your goods. For many of the items, this tool will also allow you to see the rating on the products so that you are able to buy good quality, reliable items as far as possible. Shopping buddy : Shopping buddy allows you to see reviews and ratings for various retailers in your omnibar while you are shopping. This information will allow you to choose a reliable merchant to purchase from. This clever tool also gives you a notification banner for retailers that offer discounts through google checkout with minimum quantities and promotional information. Craigslist previews : For online buyers that often use craigslist it becomes annoying at time to have to scroll through many adverts and click them individually in order to see accompanying photos of the items. This preview allows you to see the pictures on your search page so that you can do a quick scan to find the item you are looking for without time consuming clicking. Craigslist Helper : This tool takes craigslist shopping to the next level. The tool allows you previews and thumbnail images, advert previews, desktop notifications with alerts to match any of your saved searches, the ability to save searches and search through many cities at the same time. You are also able to add in notes to remind yourself of conversations or agreements made with sellers. You can also hide specific adverts from your view and blacklist adverts based on keywords that you provide. This will help you for a better overall craigslist shopping experience. Camelizer : This tool is designed for people who are a bit more patient in their shopping and are prepared to look at history to wait for a better deal. The camelizer tracks price changes in your chosen item on sites such as Newegg, Amazon and BestBuy and gives you feedback of the pricing history of the product. You can then view the historical low as well as the highs. You can then look to purchase the item based on this history. This may help you purchase the item at the right time to obtain a discounted price and also not to purchase at the historical high as the price will most likely come down. Groolu : This is a coupon collection website which collects coupons from Groupon, Tippr, LivingSocial, Dealster and Zozi. The site then notifies you of the relevant deals and coupons along with all information such as merchant, images of the item, name of the specific deal, the sale price and how big your saving is via a percentage saved. Boo.ly shopping assistant tool : This tool allows you to do a price comparison, find coupons, special deals, and special offers on items. It is linked to 1000s of merchant sites as well as large online shopping engines such as Bing, Yahoo, Amazon and Google. This tool is fairly unobtrusive and allows you to click on a tag to open up full information on the suggested item along with information, price and stock availability. Ciuvo : This tool not only presents you with information such as the best pricing in real time, but also provides you with the images, reviews, product availability in your area and videos based on the specific product. This site is only set up for Austria, Germany and the USA at present, but may be available globally eventually. There are many tools out there to help you find the best selection of products at the best pricing and still allow you to deal with suppliers that offer top class service and after sales support if required.