The Italian brand Gucci has always been known for its bold and avant-garde design. Although sometimes you think the Gucci's price is quite high, as long as you know how to pick the design, you will get what worth its price. Just like the classic, unbeaten designs which are not easy to get rid of the popular. Wish to buy one which is the most worthwhile? Come and check it out!

1. Gucci Ophidia

Gucci Ophidia is a combination of double classic, iconic patterns and stripes. The design is simple and there are not many embellishments, suitable for the girls who do not like the fancy design. Furthermore, the unit price of this design is generally lower than other series, let buy an Ophidia to get started your Gucci's collection journey!

2. Gucci Padlock

The biggest highlight of the Padlock collection, as its name suggests, is the striking lock design! It inspired by the switch of Gucci's early suitcase, retro but not lack of fashion, successfully lead a new trend! Although there are only two sizes for this design, there are many choices for color and leather patterns! There must be one that you like!

3. Gucci Sylvie

Gucci Sylvie is named after the French female singer Sylvie Vartan, expressing the spirit of women not giving in to the old tradition. This bag has a clear line, showing the modern woman's intellectuality. The signature leather and chain buttons, makes this design more elegant, whether it is suitable for working occasion or leisure time. Highly recommended for girls and women in any ages!

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4. Gucci GG Marmont

Do you know that the Gucci's new creative director Alessandro Michele has turned one of the two upsides down "G"s from Gucci’s iconic symbol – the GG design buckle into a positive direction? This new generation logo is called GG Marmont, inspired by a hotel in Los Angeles called Chateau Marmont. The new collection named after GG Marmont is even more popular. This collection has many different designs, including different sizes of pockets bag, backpacks, handbags, shoulder bags, etc. You might have a hard time choosing from the different styles of this iconic Gucci bag!

5. Gucci Dionysus

Gucci Dionysus named after the Greek god Dionysus, son of Zeus and inspired by the myth of Dionysus:

Dionysus once brought a pretty girl through the Tigris River, unfortunately, they encountered a pirate. Dionysus turned into a tiger and scared off the pirates and finally fall in love with the girl.

Dionysus, with its mythological blessings and elegantly designed, soon became best seller!

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