Graphics cards play an inevitable role in gaming images. For those who have high demand for spectacularly amazing imaging, you will have to invest heavily in GPU purchase. If you have trouble choosing a GPU for your gaming computers, let me give you some selection criteria.

GPU brand

There are two dominant GPU brands - NVIDIA and AMD. The detailed differences are listed as follows: [table id=10 /] You can see NVIDIA is a luxurious option but doesn't have high power requirement, while AMD's price is more affordable. However, AMD is not the easy for beginners to use because it may have some issue about driver, hardware, etc. To summarize their brand difference, NVIDIA is tailored for high-performance games while AMD has reasonable price and higher cost performance ratio.

GPU demand

[table id=11 /] P.S. The above instruction is tailored for those computers having 1T HDD rather than SSD. So this table is only reference for generic needs.


A GPU should have international warranty or provide you with the easiest warranty claim process. This allows you to claim you warranty whenever your GPU is broken and grants a higher resale value when you desire to offload it. For example, EVGA, an American graphics card hardware company, provides this kind of customer-friendly service. However, the repair time could be a little bit relatively long.


The better a GPU's spec is, the price of course is higher. But we found another price difference happens between U.S Amazon and Singapore's e-commerce like Lazada SG and Qoo10. For example, GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 2080 is priced at 1130 SGD on Amazon U.S., while it costs around 1350 SGD on Qoo10.     Also, EVGA¬†high-end products series could be cheaper in the overseas market since in Singapore they don't have enough supplies causing fluctuating price.