Hey ladies, how’s your Ramadhan month? With the holy month coming to an end, most of us will be busy preparing for Raya celebrations!

Now, don’t spend all your time on Raya clothes and snacks, you must also remember to show your face some love too! To glow up your face for the festive season, we’ve compiled some of the best deals just for you:  

SHILLS Black Mask


First step to a glowing face is to remove all impurities, white and blackheads, as well as dead skin cells. The easiest way to do so, is applying a mask that peels all of these unwanted stuff off the skin!

SHILLS black mask is one of the bestselling masks that does exactly this - reviewers enjoy glowing and radiant skin just after one use. 🌚

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LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask


Now that your face is set to glow - don’t forget your lips! Did you know that with softer lips, it’s easier to apply lip gloss and lipstick? Chapped lips will make your lip colour look clumpy… eww no!

This mask by Laneige is an overnight treatment that moisturises, plumps, and softens your lips overnight. Sleep with chapped lips, wake up to soft luscious lips 💋

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KAO MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask


Even with the best glowing skin, if there are eye bags and dark circles, your face will still look ‘gloomy’. With patented Self Warming Technology that gently releases 40'c warm steam, your eyes will look noticeable brighter just after one try 👀✨

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HAKUBI White C Vitamin


There’s only so much we can do for our skin externally - long-lasting glow comes from within! Therefore, for permanent glowing skin (even without makeup) you should not skip vitamins.

Hakubi White C is one of the best vitamins that’s proven to promote skin regeneration and skin whitening effect by as much as 1.6 times!

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Makeup is one of the quickest ways to achieve a flawless glow! Be sure to pick good quality makeup though, so that your face won’t melt under the hot sun while you’re busy visiting houses during Raya 😓

This limited edition makeup set by Jill Stuart is a good quality pick that comes with face powder, eye shadow, eyeliner, and lip gloss. There’s also a sweet-looking bag!  

If you’re wondering how this set looks on you, imagine a natural sweet glow like this ⬇


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If you prefer a more glamorous look for this Raya, you might like this Bobbi Brown makeup set. It comes with Highlighting Powder in Opal Glow, Lip Color in Party Alice, Eye-Opening Mascara in Black, Glitter Lip Gloss and a classy-looking cosmetic bag!

You can achieve a similarly glamorous look like this ⬇


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STYLPRO Makeup Brush Cleaner


Imagine a ‘washing machine’ not for your clothes, but for makeup brushes!

This is necessary if you want to have a glowing face - as the dirt and bacteria on our own makeup brushes will lead to acne growth! To avoid getting acnes on your already beautiful glowing face, you should wash makeup brushes regularly.

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SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil


Removing makeup is one of the essential ways to ensure that your skin is clean before you go to bed. Going to bed with makeup residue will lead to acne growth and widened pores - which is a big NO for glowing skin!

SK-II offers one of the best skincare range available, and this cleansing oil is one of the bestselling makeup removers out there.

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The Braun FaceSpa


To further maintain a glowing face, people opt for facial spas that might cost a bomb!

Meet the Braun FaceSpa! This is a 3-in-1 device that comes with a cleanser brush, a face massager and an epilator. This device is designed to have a spa-level cleanse and massage at home without having to schedule another pricy facial appointment 💆

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AVÈNE  SPF 50+ Mineral Cream


With Malaysia’s scorching hot sun, our skin will be more prone to getting dark spots, redness, as well as uneven tone. To maintain the glow of our faces, sunscreen is a must!

This sunscreen offers high protection against all sunrays (short and long UVB-UVA rays), it’s free from chemical filters, fragrance-free, and it’s water-resistant (perfect for our humid weather).

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Ladies, better get started now to glow up your face in time for Raya! Share this with your friends or sisters who wish to glow up too. Till then, Selamat Hari Raya in advance!

Guest Post by Diana 
“I’m a blogger who loves sharing about anything under the sun – ranging from beauty products, home & living, and even gadgets/toys. Stalk me on Instagram @dianababe_lee any time! 

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