Many people may not know about what Atex it, but if you talk about Meme Hot pink eye mask, Lourdes pink octopus scalp massager, pink warm kneading massage pillow and ribbon massager, you will think of this Japanese popular massage brand! Meme Hot pink eye mask is currently very popular among Japanese girls. The cumulative sales volume has exceeded 150,000 in only one and a half years after released!

Comparee here introduces ATEX ribbon massager, let you get an A4 waist(slim as an A4 paper!) without exercise and taking medicine!

1. Come with ribbon shape, using EMS microcurrent

ribbon massager

It comes with a ribbon shape and available in a variety of patterns and colors. Despite its compact size, it has an EMS low-frequency machine. Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is a technique for muscles to pass through weak currents, allowing muscles to contract and relax, without the need for self-conscious muscle training, not only to lose weight but also to gain muscle.

2. Easy to use, with two muscle training modes

ribbon massager

These ribbon massager pads are easier to use than you expect, just stick to your thighs, stomach, arms, or wherever you think you wish to shape up and slim down.

The ribbon massage stickers are divided into two kinds of exercise modes: 3HZ and 30HZ. The slight vibration of 3HZ is more suitable for the beginner user. After gradually adapting to the frequency, it is recommended to adjust the frequency vibration to 30HZ, which is better for shaping.

3. Six intensity adjustment with LED lighting design

ribbon massager

With motor units that offer six intensity levels, you are sure to find the workout combination that works best for you! Comparee recommends that you adjust to the maximum within your tolerance, and you will see significant muscle and fat changes in about two weeks.

4. Shape up anytime, anywhere

Cool! Let's try now!