The Japanese watch company is kicking off 2019 with a brand new trio of watches inspired by sakura flowers. The new G-SHOCK "Sakura Storm" series features two digital models (DW-5600TCB-1, DW-6900TCB-4) and one analog watch (GA-100TCB-1A).

Each of the watches includes a pink color representing the sakura makeup with various shades of pink like the flowers. Matte black is used on the bezel and bands of two of the models while it serves as the accented color on the other. They all come with a special marking depicting a cherry blossom petal.

Their exclusive packaging includes a black box with a pink G-SHOCK logo and a vibrant pink tin case.

G-SHOCK Sakura Storm GA-100TCB-1A

Matte black bezel and bands with a metallic pink face and pink and white watch hands.

G-SHOCK Sakura Storm DW-5600TCB-1

Matte black bezel and bands with a gradient pink face.

G-SHOCK Sakura Storm DW-6900TCB-4

Matte pink bezel and bands with a white face and accented red-colored words.

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